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    Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)



    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:28 pm

    Jamie wiggled his nose after she'd tapped it with her finger and matched her happy smile with one of his own. Seeing her happy had always had the effect of making him happier, it was just something that never lost it's charm for him. He stuck his tongue out at her,

    "Well aren't you just so proud of your puppy dog looks?" he teased, tapping her nose, "I have to win one day. It's the law!"

    Reaching across the table, Jamie cupped Willow's cheek gently and looked into her eyes, smiling softly as he did so,

    "You don't have to apologise." he told her quietly but firmly, "I was only teasing you. If anyone should be sorry it should be me."

    Jamie couldn't help but smile a little more hungrily when he heard her whimper. For some reason that small little noise of pleasure really did it for him, more perhaps than wanton moans. He kissed her hungrily, but briefly, again,

    "Well then let's bunk off for the afternoon..." he suggested in a husky whisper, "The department owes me a day off. And if anyone asks then you weren't feeling very well."


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:22 am

    Willow smiled softly and tried not to agree with Jamie but her looks were just so effective that she couldn't help it, nodding slowly she shrugged her shoulders trying to make herself seem less full of herself, her gaze focused on the table.

    "Well I guess...if they work...then they're pretty good."

    Blushing softly as Jamie tilted her head up to look in her eyes Willow leant forwards and kissed him softly in response to what he had said to her, he really was a sweet guy to worry about her.

    "Okay Jamie, neither of us have to be sorry, mkay?" she smiled

    Willow got up from the chair and waved her wand to clear her plates away, whimpering again from the kiss that Jamie gave her then stopped Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered:

    "I had the afternoon off already, only you're being the bad boy Jamie."


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:39 pm

    Jamie didn't like how Willow was looking at the table, as if she had done something wrong. He stroked her cheek lightly,

    "You have a right to be proud." he winked at her, "They work on me everytime and I've been able to shake off the ensnarement of the devil. Just shows how good you are."

    He smiled as she blushed but brightened up as well, stroking her blushing cheeks with his thumb. Jamie kissed her back just as softly, smiling as he did so,

    "Mkay." he agreed happily, "I don't like it when you're down on yourself like that. It's okay to be proud after all."

    Jamie waited patiently as she cleared the table with her wand and he grinned when she whimpered into the kiss again. With her arms wrapped around him, Jamie pulled her in as close as possible and kissed at her neck,

    "But you love me being a bad boy..."


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:12 am

    Willow looked up at Jamie and smiled at him happily, she knew he didn't like seeing her sad and she always tried not to be around him, it was just something that she just happened to not like, being proud that is. Especially when she wasn't that special.

    "Well okay then Jamie...if you say it's okay."

    Making sure her gaze was no longer on the table Willow smiled again, wrapping her arms tighter around Jamies shoulders, kissing his cheek softly.

    "I do yes...come on then my bad boy..."

    Willow purred softly and moved away from Jamie with a lingering touch to his shoulders as she gathered her bag and made her way out of the canteen waving to some of the guys from her department as she did so, to which they smiled and waved back.

    "Floo powder or apparition my love?"


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:38 pm

    Jamie's shoulders were freed from the weight that had been resting on them when Willow had been looking downcast. For some reason that he could only attribute to his love for her, seeing her sad or anything other than happy was like driving daggers into his heart and tearing his own lungs out. How did he know what those things felt like? Well he'd spent time in hell after all,

    "I say it's okay so it must be!" he declared with a dopey grin, "That's just the way things are after all. My Willow needs to be given the confidence and then she can grow to her heart's content."

    He hugged Willow tighter to him, his arms around her waist intimately. When she kissed him on the cheek he smiled a little more and kissed her gently on the side of the neck,

    "There'll be plenty of time to cum later Willow..." he teased her with a wink, "But you're right. Let's get going."

    Jamie grinned at Willow's purr, knowing that her confidence was at it's highest right now and that was bound to be a good thing for the both of them. He licked his lips, his teeth showing a glint of the demonic character he'd gained over the years when his canines sharpened slighty, loving the feeling of her lingering touch. Without caring about appearances, Jamie pulled Willow in close to him until their bodies were pressed tightly together,

    "Apparition." he breathed into her ear, "It's more... intimate."


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:31 am

    Willow giggled at the dopey grin that Jamie had on his face, it was just so silly she couldn't help it. Leaning forward she placed her lips on his to take the grin away from him, or at least make sure he wasn't hurt by her giggling at him, she never wanted to hurt Jamie because of something that she had done.

    "Yes, as long as Jamie says it's okay for me to do it then I can do it! That sounds like a system that could work for me."

    Smiling at Jamie as he hugged her tighter to him Willow realised just how loved she felt around him, how he would always be here for her to hold when she was sad, and that was the only thing she asked.

    "Y-yes Jamie..." she whispered softly

    Willow squeaked slightly as Jamie pulled her back to lie against him, not that she minded it was just a bit of a shock to her if she was honest. Blushing slightly as the men she had waved to glowered over at Jamie and her Willow nodded her head.

    "Apparition it is then my love, let's go home."


    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

    Post by Guest on Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:51 pm

    Seeing Willow giggle and smile at his dopey grin just made Jamie grin even dopeier, if that was a word, just to get her to smile and be happy. He kissed her gently, his grin coming under control as he gave her a tender kiss before pulling back with a contented sigh, kissing Willow like that always made him feel better,

    "It's a good system, there's no doubt about that." he agreed with a smirk before winking at her, "But the system isn't above 'bribes' from the smexy Willow."

    Jamie purred a little as they were pressed against each other, preparing for the apparition back to their home. He preferred this method of travel to any other because it was an excuse to press his body against Willow's as much as he liked, in public no less. Seeing some of the men from Willow's department giving him the evil eye, Jamie grinned to expose his extended canines. Half of the men looked away. His eyes flashed dangerously red and the others quickly averted their eyes as his eyes returned to normal,

    "Alright then..." Jamie purred into Willow's ear, "Away... we... go!"

    They disappeared without a sound.

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    Re: Thank Goodness! (Will and Jamie)

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