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    Changed and Forever

    Passion Rose

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    Changed and Forever

    Post by Passion Rose on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:43 pm

    (OOC: I was bored.. and decided to do when Passion turned into a Vampire Very Happy)

    Passion smiled as she looks at her nine year old sister, Dulce. She was rapidly talking about Hogwarts, and what she will do when she got there. Innocence flared in her eyes, burning brightly. She didn't know that she was gonna see that vanish though.

    They were currently outside there two story house playing Muggle American Soccer. Just dribbling it back and forth, it was a common thing Dulce and her did. There brother John didn't like it, he preferred Quidditch and British Soccer.

    They heard a rustle in the trees, but didn't think of it. They just thought it was a bird, for there was no breeze.

    They continued playing, then Passion tripped, and landed on the ground. She landed on some wood splinters, her father cuts wood when he is bored, and few of them got stuck in her hand. They drew tiny droplets of blood.

    It all happened so fast, she still didn't remember it later on. She felt super powerful arms grab her and her arms painfully being pulled back. She heard Dulce's cry, of shock and pain.

    "Paz!" She cried. "What is going on!" Passion's heart twisted from pain of hearing Dulce cry like that.

    "Hush darling." A man hissed that was holding Dulce. "Shut up, and maybe we will make your death pain free." The man that was holding Passion laughed.

    "Ahhhh. I love the smell of flowing blood, Samual." The man that was holding Passion hissed at Samual.

    "Aye Georgie." Samual hissed. Georgie brought his head down and pressed his chilling lips against Passion's neck.

    "Please." Dulce begged, crying. "Leave her alone!"

    "NO!" Passion screeched. Dulce was only nine! She had life ahead of her! She deserved to go to Hogwarts! With a mind that bright.."Take me. Please. I am older, I can give you amusment.." She choked. The vampires chuckled.

    "Sorry honey." Samual hissed towards Dulce. "I have to take Passion." Georgie nodded.

    Then Passion felt pain, pain beyond the pain she had ever felt. She screamed, and felt herself slowly loosing blood...

    She blacked out, hearing Dulce's painful tears.


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