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    Our CB family

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    Our CB family

    Post by Melanie McKinnon on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:26 am


    (Beware: More will be added and some may have been forgotten)

    The first family on HR was the Malfoy family, Hades and Arsen (Barela, then Malfoy, now Salvator)

    The first family-bond in the CB, started with Briony Blake and Anya Broan, Anya became Briony's CB daughter.

    Not long after that Richard Romain and Melanie McKinnon became father and daughter.

    Seeing as Briony was almost-seeing Richard, Briony became the CB mother of Melly and Richard the father of Anya, making Anya and Melly the first CB siblings.

    Briony was also almost-seeing Hades Malfoy, and became mother of Arsen, making him the sibling of Melly and Anya.

    Nico and Allie Black (Now Lacey) were twins IG, and became Hades' children, becoming brother and sister of Arsen (Melly liked to call them her half-half siblings).

    Few weeks later Aurelie Bones and Ariadne Ellingham joined the Richard-Briony family, making their children; Melly, Anya, Aurelie and Ariadne - and Briony's son Arsen, and his half siblings Nico and Allie.

    Leah DeLuna soon after that became the mother of Lola Peppermint and James Jackson (who was/is dating Melly) and became the mother-in-law of Melanie, she had a relationship with Cain Valerian, who became Lola and James' step-dad.

    Melanie McKinnon and Anna Tshering (Whose biological dad is Aldan Chaos and Demo is her father, Tesla is the mother, Nia and Aly are aunties and Iva is grandmother.) then married, much later.

    Melanie also married Katia Paltov (also known as Liz's Donkey) and calls Katia her Whore-and-wifey. (Somewhere much earlier Demo became Melly's uncle, and Melly sometimes refers to Amaya Pirie as her mother, because she behaves like one) and Nova and James became Melly's bulldogs.

    Demo is therefor Anna's dad, Melly's uncle and he is also Lola's sister.

    Anna also married Tesla and Arsen and Chuck and Ken became Anna's triplets and Kait her sister.

    Arsen is married to Anna (1st wife) but is also married to Nia (2d wife) and Iva his mistress and Eva his Princess of Darkness and Aria his human puppy and Karma is Arsen's Slore.

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