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    Message of Zmey.

    Katia Paltov

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    Message of Zmey.

    Post by Katia Paltov on Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:30 pm

    Katia stood on the hill, cloak flapping around her ankles and legs in the wind, hood pulled up to cover her face slightly, looking down at the small muggle village that lay before her, lit up and glittering in the night, despite it being so late. She glanced up to see the night sky clear of clouds, promising a particularly cold day to come.

    It looked like it would be her duty to warm these poor people up.

    Raising her wand, she sucked in a breath before she began to cast a spell, the very image of conductor guiding his orchestra to play beautiful music. As her wand started to flicker, she shut her eyes, pouring power into the spell, before it shot forward towards the quiet village.

    She imagined that it would make more sense in some people's minds to start off somewhere more important than a tiny muggle village that no one had heard of. But she wanted to know how they would react. She wanted to watch the rest of the nation try and cover it up as they had done with her village. She wanted to pick them off one by one, see how many lives she could destroy before they would do something about it.

    She wanted them to burn.

    Katia watched as the fire slowly began to spread, starting off with one, dark house, either abandoned or not in use. A small, almost innocent smile graced her face as she noted that no one was moving. Then lights began to turn on, people began to emerge from houses, and people started to panic as another house caught alight.

    They all watched with her as their village began to crumble beneath them, some trying to escape, a few beginning to try putting the fire out. But it was going too quickly, and they were too late. She felt a laugh bubble inside her, raising her wand once again and moving with it, dancing on her place on the hill.

    Another spark shot towards the village, setting off an explosion. She could hear the screams like music to her ears.

    One, two, three, four, she counted along with the explosions, spinning before sending a final one, laughing with childish joy, eyes lighting up as the wind blew the hood off her head, exposing her face to the world, long hair flying madly. But in a split second, she was gone.

    And all she left was a scorch mark in the ground reading Zmey.


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