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    Geece,nothing like home {OPEN}


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    Geece,nothing like home {OPEN}

    Post by Manda on Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:05 pm

    She sighed, and leaned against a wall. With her mom's contacts, she of course knew a lot of people, and one of the people she knew was getting married.

    Her friend wanted a wedding with people dressed like the Ancient Greek's did. So of course, Kait was currently in a Linen dress and hating every moment.

    She sighed, and walked out of the Church where she, Agathe, was getting married. She wondered why, Agathe was a Drug Addict. Oh well, she really didn't care.

    She walked out to a deserted beach spot, and sat in the water thanking some powerful person that she had wore a dark red dress, and brought and extra pair of cloths.


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