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    The Middle of Nowhere (Rhyler <-- cause its fun to say)

    Rhys Haines
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    Re: The Middle of Nowhere (Rhyler <-- cause its fun to say)

    Post by Rhys Haines on Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:14 am

    Rhys, cleared switching between annoyance and pity, couldn't decide what a normal person would feel in the situation. Amused? Worried? Content? Angry? He chose nothing, picking up the pot to get the key. He wiggled it into the slot and almost burst the door down, ready to go to sleep.

    "Come on in, there's no evil fences in here!" he called, dragging the boy in, "Bed time,"

    Tyler Marks

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    Re: The Middle of Nowhere (Rhyler <-- cause its fun to say)

    Post by Tyler Marks on Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:43 am

    Ty was dragged into the house, stumbling as he went.

    "Its darkk in heerreeee," he called, clapping his hands, "Let there be light!!! Lightt!! Light!!!" he comanded clapping before eventually realizing that it wasn't working and pouting. "Whyy it noo work Rhyssieeee??!!"

    He let out a drunken cheer at the declaration of no evil fenses but once more fell into the whining about bed.

    "Rhyyssiiee!! I tollddd yeahhh!! I ain't sleeeeppyy! I don't wannnnaaa sleeeppp!! I want to stay awake.. FOREVER!!"


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