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    How to roleplay.

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    How to roleplay.

    Post by Asric Chaos on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:25 pm

    What Is Roleplaying?

    Basically Role playing a one big story everyone has a part in. We have a main plot for the site and it is up to you to show your characters point of view on the matter as well as build their own sub plot.

    How to Roleplay.


    Like when writing a story, all speak should be placed in quotations like this:

    I might say:
    "This forest is forbidden for all those that don't wish to die a painful death." Said Asric as he spotted two of his students wondering through the trees.

    And then the student might say:
    The student looked up in horror at the sight of the headmaster and decided to mutter. "Sorry Headmaster, we just thought it would be fun to look around."

    God Moding (GM):

    Something you shouldn't do is GMing. GMing is when you take control of another character. This can be very annoying, especially when it comes to making them do something out of character. For example:

    A student says:
    Ben turned around and saw Arsen. "Hey Arsen how are you?" I asked just before he jumped into the lake to party with the squid.

    This is both annoying and something that would never happen. By saying Arsen jumped into the lake, you are taking away my control. Also as he is a fire demon you are also making him do something he would never even dream of doing, unless he was trying to commit suicide.

    Out of Character:

    If you would like to say something out of character then please use (OOC: out of character) To say what you need. This allows other to know you are speaking out of character so it doesn't get confused with the post. For example:

    Asric wrote:
    Asric spun and threw the dagger straight for the mans eye.

    (OOC oo this is getting fun)

    Double Posting:

    One thing I don't like is double-posting. Or triple posting, or whatever. Its really annoying when you see two posts, one after the other from the same person. Give others a chance.

    Also posts have an order. Please make sure you stick to the order and don't post when its someone elses turn. It often means posts are backtracked and made confusing. It also pushes people out of the post. Please just wait, your time will come.

    Length of Posts:

    No one liners. They are annoying and pointless and pretty much a thread closer. By posting one line you aren't giving your co posters anything to work with. Its also boring to read. Please make sure posts are at least 3 sentences long.

    Happy posting! If you have any questions? Post them below!

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