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    Between Angels and Insects

    Sixth Year
    Sixth Year

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    Between Angels and Insects

    Post by Karmzy on Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:06 pm


    A Glimpse of Childhood - Jet and Mother

    Friend Like Me - Alec

    Lesson 1 - Fourth Year

    Blue White Death - Arsen and JJ

    Through the Ice - Aria and Arsen

    We've Got To Get Ready- Slytherin Girls

    Dance Dance- Everyone

    Uninvited - Djinn and Evie

    Planetary Go - Ivian

    Life of A Psychopath - Rhyma

    Just a Feeling - Rhyma

    Christmas Break

    A Good Book - Ksenia

    Panther-Cat - Princey

    Russia Cuz I'm Awesome - Pieman

    Chocolate Wasted - Everyone Awesome

    Hangover Central - More Awesome People

    Number 12 Whatever Street - Rhyma

    Lesson 2

    Boredom Kills Time - Arsen and Iva

    Fitting - Djirma

    Doubts and Secrets - Rhyma

    Spin My Head Right Round - Party Thread

    I Hate This Part - Rhyma

    Misfits - Rhys/Aria

    Hands On Education - Rhys/Aria

    Break Stuff - Evie, Iva, Cephie

    Sweet Dreams - Aria

    A Twist in My Story - Karsen

    El Tango de Roxanne - Djinn

    Victim - Arsen and Aria

    Ignorance - hate!Rhyma

    Bury Me - Mini and Sammy Jo

    Beautiful Lie - Alucard

    House of Wolves - Invite

    Ensnared - Djirma

    New Perspective - Karsen

    Trapped in the Closet - Party Thread

    Kiss Kiss - Rhyma

    Half Term

    Blame It on the Alcohol - Tyler/Karler

    Last Friday Night - Tyler and Rhys

    Sexy and I Know It - Tyler

    Day Out - Damian

    Sex Ed Rocks! - Iva

    Bounce - Alucard

    Vampires Will Never Hurt You - Dimitri

    Purple Rain - Arsen

    Lesson 3

    Lair - Kidnapped Peeps

    I Know You Want Me - Aragorn

    Finally Free - Silver Trio

    Boys Boys Boys - Silver Trio

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Random Gryff

    Set Fire to the Rain - Arsen/Pyro

    Dear Agony - JJ

    Counting Down - Arsen and Aria

    Closer - Aragorn

    Love Signs - Mel

    Timing - Mad

    Right As Rain - Dimitri

    Half Term

    Breakfast Club - Tyler

    Sugar and Cyanide - Party Thread

    Turn Off the Lights - Roman

    Nothing Compares To You - Julian and Mini

    Hair of the Dog - Ciar

    Dead On Arrival - Zess

    What You Wish For - Ethon

    Lesson 4

    Someone Like You - Rhys

    This Is How I Disappear - JJ

    When You're Good To Mama - Pets and Slyths

    (I Hate) Everything About You - Evie

    I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - Silver Trio and Arsen

    Search and Destroy - Silver Trio

    Escape Reality - Storm

    Hide You Face.... - Party Thread

    Masquerade - Artie Cappie

    Slow Dance With a Stranger - Zach


    Burning Down the House - Jet

    Bulletproof - Invite

    Just a Dream - Fevered Dream Thread

    Wake Me Up Inside - Arsen

    Only Ashes - Lace

    A Last Farewell - Silver Trio, Arsen, Rhys

    Leave Out All The Rest - Tyty

    Thunder - Tyty

    Walking Into Mordor - Tyty

    Lesson One - Fifth Year

    Krwlng - Evie

    Highway to Hell - Arsen, Lena, Storm

    Trouble - Kallie

    Welcome to the Jungle - Certh and the Slyths

    Revenge Is All The Sweeter - Evie

    Secrets - Arsen

    Lesson Number One - Certh

    Let Love Be Told... - Sergiy

    His First Task - Certh, Arsen, Others

    Productive Detention - Sergiy, Alexander, and Professor Lynx

    Christmas Break

    Beautiful Soul - Feliks

    Down with the Sickness - Zephan and Ciar

    Born This Way - Tobias

    XXXmas Buddies - Julian

    Hurt - Jet and Mother

    Sweet Escape - Sergius

    Three's a Crowd - Feliks and Roman

    Alpha Dog - Ethon

    Lesson 2

    Grand Theft Autumn - Nolan

    If You Can Dodge A Wrench... - Lena

    Fallout - Damian

    Deep Waters - Iva

    Like You'll Never See Me Again - Seriy and Eva

    Desperate Measures - Certh

    What Is This Feeling? - Evie

    Familiarity - Arsen


    Haven't Even Started Yet - Nolan

    Golddigger - Ciar

    Best for Last - Feliks

    Blood Drunk - Alucard and Aragorn

    Backslide - Tyler

    Imperial March - Tyler

    Viva La Vida - Aspen

    Lesson 3

    Jedi Mind-Trick - Rhys

    Take Care - Aragorn and Arsen

    Kitteh Amazin - Aragorn (Sergiy)

    Not Like Everyone Else - Blaine

    Another Word I Never Learned To Pronounce - Aragorn and Daniel

    Marry The Night - Charlotte and Arsen/Pyro


    Moving Out and Moving In - Aragorn

    One Small Ember - Daniel

    Odds and Fate - Julian

    X Marks The Spot - Ksenia and Nolan

    Innocence - Aragorn

    Lesson Four

    Burn It Down - Open

    Another Day Another Experiment - Aragorn

    Bring On the Lightning - Evie and Alyssa

    Side Effects Include... - Aragorn

    Diary of Jane - Arelia and Aragorn

    Pumpkin Pie - Arsen

    The Other Half - Blaine

    Memories - Rhys

    I Want Your Bite - Blaine and Aragorn

    Potential Break-up Song - Sophia

    All I Have To Do Is Dream - Aragorn and Arsen


    Womanly Ways - Nolan

    Love is Like a Bomb - Ciar

    Three Way - Rhys and Tyler

    Fireflies - Aria

    I Never Knew Daylight Could Be So Violent - Julian

    Look After You - Julian and Friends

    Playing God - Blaine

    Leverage - Ashleen

    Alien - Coyota

    Knife to a Gun Fight - Tovia

    Hot in Herre - Djinn and Arsen

    Body Art - Mars

    I'm Fine, Honest - Daniel

    Union With the Snake - Tobias

    Fancy Meeting You Here - Alec

    Birthday For A Wolf Cub - Party Thread

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    Amora Kirke
    Beauxbatons Professor
    Beauxbatons Professor

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    Re: Between Angels and Insects

    Post by Amora Kirke on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:13 am


    A Simple Gift - Aurmerle

    Seven Nation Army - Viola

    Cirque De Anges - Viola


    Bite Back - Immortals

    Curiosity - Vi and Pyrrhos Brothers

    Pocket Full of Sunshine - Vi and Ethon

    A Fever You Just Can't Sweat Out - Open

    Maneater - Viola

    Fit For A Queen - Pyrrhos Brothers

    Apology Almost Accepted - Aurmerle

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    Treshawn Beneparte
    Sixth Year
    Sixth Year

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    Re: Between Angels and Insects

    Post by Treshawn Beneparte on Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:18 pm


    Spilled Secrets - Pieter

    Booty Call - Tyler

    Only The Good Die Young - Tyler

    Sugar and Cyanide - Party Thread

    Lesson 4

    Late Night Studies - Ksenia

    Sounds of Water - Tess and Mattie

    Rain Over Me - Nyx


    Run For Your Life - Kahleesi

    Ice Ice - Iva

    Potential Death Wish - Popovs, Asric, and Damian

    Promiscuous - Faye

    Stand By You - Faye, and her friends

    Haven from the Surrounding Chaos - Ksenia and Lucifer

    How To Save a Life - Faye and the Hansoffs

    Paper Planes - Iva

    A Wee Bit of Trouble - Faye

    Lesson 1 - Fifth Year

    The Heart Will Go On - Faye and Roman

    My Guardian Angel - Ksenia


    Wandering About - Ksenia and Rose

    Smoke - Iva

    Merry Christmas, Darling - Ash

    Til the World Ends - Party Thread

    Human Nature - Ash

    Lesson 2

    Pretending - Faye

    Toy Soldiers - Ksenia

    Slight Detours - Ash

    Constant Cravings - Ash

    Do I know You? - Ash, Ciar, Sacha, Professor

    Fix You - Ash

    Evening the Score - Ash and Ciar


    Russian Roulette - Ash, Iva, Papa

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    Brock Veni Cox
    Ministry Official
    Ministry Official

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    Re: Between Angels and Insects

    Post by Brock Veni Cox on Sun May 13, 2012 5:43 pm


    Wolf Moon - Kallie

    Danza Kuduro - Kallie

    Starstrukk - Kallie

    Bottle and a Gun - Loki

    Nothing More - Julian and Harmonie

    Far from the Fires - Djinn

    In Great Need - Anne

    Or Hardly Working - Eli

    Touch Me There - Bree

    Cat Cradles - Bree and Kallie

    Beautiful Lie - Kallie



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    Re: Between Angels and Insects

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