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    J. J. and friends

    Fourth Year
    Fourth Year

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    J. J. and friends

    Post by JJeh on Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:30 pm

    J. J. Jones

    Owl: Letters to Juliet - Zander
    Alternate Future: Mad World - Savannah

    Second Year
    Sitting Alone- Iva/Dimi (Complete)

    Lesson One
    Who the Heck-Tesla ("Complete")
    Sure isn't like home-(Sane) Rhys (Complete)
    Dancing with Myself - Savvy/Izzy/Tes(Complete)
    Why did I do that- Dimi ("Complete")
    Not again- Rowan

    Christmas Break
    Merry Christmas? - Dimi("Complete")
    Check, Check, Check- Cecile (Complete)
    Blue White Death-Arsen/Karma (Complete)
    Chocolate wasted (Complete)
    Hangover central (Compete)

    Lesson Two
    Hands up -Aurie ("Complete")
    Out for a Walk- Jamie ("Complete")
    Oops- Dimi ("Complete")
    Spin my Head (Complete)
    The Purpose of an Aprentice - Mad ("Complete")
    Hammer Without Master - Peach ("Complete")

    February/Winter Break
    The Kidnapping- Cec/Moon twins ("complete"
    Heavens Gunna Wait- Mad (Complete)

    Lesson Three
    No Air- Savvy (complete)
    Not falling Appart - Dimi ("Complete")
    Don't talk to strangers- Open ("Complete")
    Muted Conversations - Savvy (Complete)
    Dear Agony
    - Karma (complete)

    Spring Break
    Burning Up - Iva/Dame/healer (COmplete)
    Small World - Maya

    Lesson Four
    Good to Mama - Karma/Ree/Iva ("Complete")
    Death and All His Friends - Vanna (Complete)

    Pushed to the Edge - Narrative (Complete)
    One Day I'll Fly Away - Mad (Complete)
    The Riddle - Poots ("Complete")
    Get Me Out of Here - Lora ("Complete")

    Third Year
    Far From Home - Katie, Vanna (Complete)

    Lesson One
    Lake - Dylan
    Classes - Lesson One - DADA, Occlemency, HoM - Complete
    Big Girls Don't Cry - Vanna (Complete)
    Still Got Tonight - Alora
    Hold My Hand NOW - Gus and assorted
    Pull up a Chair - Serg (Complete)
    Well this is Fun -Serg

    Christmas Break
    One Book Two Book - Anya/Miles
    Alone and Upset - Gabrielle
    Happy Christmas - Demetri
    The Winner Takes it All - Le

    Lesson Two
    Classes - Lesson two - Flying, CoMC, Potions (Complete)
    Must Have Done Something Right - Chance
    Mementos - Dame
    Scream til There's Silence - Vanna, Kait

    February/Winter Break
    Sorry is the Hardest Word - Zach ("Complete")

    Lesson Three
    Down Below -Thor {"Complete")

    Spring Break

    Lesson four
    Do Love the Lake- Dylan(complete)

    Goodnight, Good Night - Narrative (complete)
    Go Your Own Way - Vanna/Chris (complete)
    Skittles - Kait (Complete)
    Call Me Maybe - Mars (Complete)
    Like a Ghost - Vanna (Complete)
    What's in a Name - Zander/Mars (Complete)
    Don't Give Up - Grayson (Complete)
    Should I Stay or Should I Go? - Alannah (Complete)
    Taking Chances - Tre ("Complete")
    One True Summer Night- Zander (Complete)
    21 Guns - Zander (Complete)
    Whole New World - Zander ("complete")

    Fourth Year
    Sleeping Beauty - Ree ("Complete")
    Honey I'm Home - Rafe ("Complete")

    Lesson One
    Tumble Down - Dame (Complete)
    Wanna Dance - Quinn (Complete)
    17's too Young - Cami
    Between Time - Thor (Complete)
    Peace and Quiet - Charlotte
    Tag, You're it - Mars (Complete)
    Real life? - Yota


    Why So Silent - Karm/Cor ("complete")
    Give me everything - Vanna (complete?)
    Home for the holidays - Open/Narrative

    Lesson Two
    Lonely - Rafe("Complete")
    Pay for the dry cleaning - Eileen ("complete")
    A Dream of Time Gone By - Eye (Complete)
    Perks of the Job - Mars(complete)

    Winter Break
    Empire State of Mind - Vanna (complete)

    Lesson Three
    The Sniffles - Dame, Leshia (Complete?)
    For Worse - Mars (Complete)
    As Fate Would Have It - William (Complete)
    Don't Be Late - Mars
    No Good Deed - Vanna

    Spring Break
    Long Time No See - Zander
    For a Rainy Day - Dylan, "Zander"
    Bookfast Club - Zander, Ines
    Fever Dream - Zander
    She's So Mean - Fourth
    Made To Seem Like A Chance - Will

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    Faye Beneparte
    Fourth Year
    Fourth Year

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    Re: J. J. and friends

    Post by Faye Beneparte on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:36 am

    Faye Hansoff


    Dream: Lose Yourself
    Timeturner: No Air
    Owls: Lena

    Second Year

    Lesson Two
    Fall- Piet ("Complete")
    Fireburn- Lora ("Complete")
    Down once more - Lora ("Complete")
    Help! - Selena(Complete)
    Sugary Sweet- Roman("Complete")

    Winter Break
    Here for the show- Crownapping (Complete)

    Lesson Three
    Lair (complete)

    Spring Break
    Sugar and Cyanide - people ("Complete")
    Drops of Jupiter - Lena (complete)

    Lesson Four
    Somewhere only We Know - Roman (Complete)
    Sacred Whispers - Lora
    Kiss The Girl -Roman (Complete)
    Potions Class - Class ("Complete")

    Promiscuos - Tre(Complete)
    I'll Stand By You - Roman/Lora/Le/Tre
    Take a Bow - Father-Dear (Complete)
    How to Save a Life -Tre ("Complete")
    Wee Bit of Trouble (Complete)
    Beautiful Things - William/Ninette ("Compete")

    Third Year
    The Heart Will Go On - Tre/Roman (Complete)

    Lesson One
    Hush Hush - Nia (Complete)
    Don't Cry Out Loud - Char (Complete)
    Morning Glory - Fonny (Complete)
    Classes - Lesson One - Transfiguration, Potions, Occlemency (Complete)
    An Education - Nia ("Complete")
    SleepWalker - Cornelia ("Complete")

    Christmas Break
    New Years Day -Char, Alec, Amelia
    Problem at Hand - Ken (Complete)

    Lesson Two
    Just A Game - Roman/"Feliks" (Complete)
    The Cherrty on Top -Fonny
    Pretending - Tre
    Classes - Lesson Two - Hunting and Physical Ed., Standard Spell, CoW (Complete)
    Here Comes the Sun -Rosie ("Complete")

    February/Winter Break
    What Do You Want From Me?- Minos ("Complete")

    Lesson Three
    Cherry On Top - Fonny (Complete)

    Spring Break
    Its Not Just Me - Kait ("Complete")
    Free Food - Charlotte ("Complete")
    Something Simple - Lora (Complete)

    Lesson Four
    Daredevils - Roman ("Complete")
    Flip Side - Fonny/Roman/Tess/Char (Complete)

    You Found Me
    Fever -Lora ("Complete")
    Restless - Minos ("Complete")
    Opperation Break Out - Greyson ("Complete")
    Ain't Dead Yet - Tre ("Complete")

    Fourth Year
    Subconscious - Ken (Complete)
    Lets Bully Roman - Roman (Complete)

    Lesson One
    Merlin, its me -Lena ("Complete")
    False start - Fonny (Complete)
    Its in The Blood -Ethon (Complete)
    Apologies - Roman

    Christmas Break
    A Chance Worth Taking - Ethon (Complete)
    The Break of Day - Zander
    Sugar High - Kieran ("Complete")
    Ice Princess - Le/Vanna
    Twists and Turns - Tre/Nia
    First to Give/First to Ask - Fonny

    Lesson Two
    Tempest - Ken(Liddy)
    Gravity - Lora
    Get Away - Liam

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    Tyler Marks

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    Re: J. J. and friends

    Post by Tyler Marks on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:37 am

    Tyler Marks

    Resolved- Lainey (Complete)
    Worlds Colide- Iva (Complete)
    Because I can - Rhys (Complete)
    Letter of Remorse - Iva (Complete)
    Rebuilding - Order (Complete?)
    Is this Irony- Iva (Complete)

    New Years
    Hangover Central (Complete)
    Middle of Nowhere - Rhys
    Blame it on the Alchohol- Karma (Complete)
    Last Friday Night- Karma/Rhys (Complete)
    Sexy and I know it- Karma (Complete)
    Booty Call- Tre (Complete)
    Only The Good Die Young- Tre
    Can't Go Back- Ondrea (Complete)
    Just a Little Alike - Agile
    Breakfast Club (Mature) - Karmzy (Complete)
    Hakuna Matataa - Rhysie (Complete)
    Town Recluse - Maya ("Complete")

    Rock Bottom - Narritive
    Dark Side of the Moon - Drea (Complete)
    Leave Out All the Rest - Karma (Complete)
    Thunder - Karma ("Complete")
    Walking Into Mordor - Karma ("Complete")

    Deep Inside - Laura (Complete)
    Welcome Home -Reb ("Complete")

    New Years

    Full Moon Rising - Laura (Complete)
    Backslide - Karma (Complete)
    Imperial March - Karma (Complete)
    One Two -Madeline (Complete)
    Tell the World - Rhys (Complete)
    Three Way - Laura/Karma/ Rhys ("Complete")


    As Good As I Once Was
    - Hollie/ Karma (Complete)
    Sleep it Off - Karma (Complete)
    Cupid's Wish - Laura (Complete)
    House of Wolves - Brock ("Complete")
    When Life Takes a Turn - Laura (Complete)


    Past the Sun and the Moon -Ethon (Complete)
    Werewolf in London - Ondrea

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    Ophelia Montague

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    Re: J. J. and friends

    Post by Ophelia Montague on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:38 am

    Opheila Montague

    Fourth Year

    Lesson Two
    Party of one(Complete)
    Where's the Party- Rue ("Complete")
    Trying to read-Tessa (complete)
    Daylight - "The Family" (Complete)
    Just another thing - Nia (Complete)
    New Book - Tessa("Complete")

    Doth Teach the Torches - Artemis (Complete)
    To Early Seen Unknown and Known too late - The Capulet Clan (Complete?)

    Lesson four
    Hide Your Face - Party
    Party: Did my Heart Love Till Now - Artemis (Complete)
    Goodnight Sweetheart - Abe (Complete)

    Defy You Stars - Art (Complete)
    Artemis Residence - Art

    Fifth Year
    The Calm Sea - Nia (Complete)

    Lesson One
    Classes - Lesson One - Standard Spell, CoW, Healing (Complete)
    These Violent DelightsFonny - Last Thread (Complete)


    Love is not a victory march, its a cold and broken Hallelujah
    Dead: October 15st 2055
    Kallie Patterson
    Ministry Official
    Ministry Official

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    Re: J. J. and friends

    Post by Kallie Patterson on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:39 am

    Kallie Nikkala

    Little Comfort- Narative (Complete)
    Wolf Moon - Brock
    Home - Brock
    Danza Kuduro - Brock (Complete)
    How Does it Feel - Brock (Complete)
    Starstrukk - Brock (Complete)
    Famous Last Words - Brock(Complete)
    Evelina- Narrative

    Ministry/Adult life

    Twenty Seven
    Out and About - Aurie/Grayson ("Complete")
    Bury Me- Karma (Complete)
    Out of Country - Eli (Complete)
    A job- Ali (Complete)
    My Wish- Eli ("Complete")
    Heads Will Roll - Deputy (Complete)
    Last Call - Alu ("Complete")
    Gives You Hell - Alise("Complete")
    Nothing Compares - Julian(Complete)
    Different Teams - Archer("Complete")

    Summer - Twenty- Eight
    One Moment in Time (Complete)
    What I've Done - Jet (Complete)
    Savory Truffle - Eli (Complete)

    Trouble - Karma ("Complete")
    Tiddlywinks - Julian (Complete)
    I Can Fix That - Eli (Complete)
    We All Love Surprises - Eli/Lainey (Complete)

    I'll Be Watching - Julian (Complete)
    French Belle - Lila

    Surrender - Archer/Eli (Complete)
    Drop in the Ocean - Eli/Juli (complete)
    Union - Passion (Complete)
    Cats Cradle - Archer/ Brock

    Dear Lady Luck - Kait (Complete)
    Beautiful Lie - Brock/Eli (Complete)
    Oksa Mudassa - Brock

    Summer - Twenty-Nine
    Look After You- Juli and assorted peeps (Complete)
    You've Been Served- Cooper (Complete)
    Say Anything - Grayson
    Diamond Skies- Eli (Complete)
    Sometimes it Hurts Instead - Brock
    An Inconvenient Truth- Juli/Cooper (Complete)
    Birthday Cake - Brock
    Youth of the Nation - Kait (Complete)
    Maelstrom- Papa (Complete)

    Hyvaa Yota - narrative (Complete)
    In Darkness] In Darkness - Captives ("Complete")

    Another Circumstance - Captives ("Complete")
    Into the Wild - Captives/Rescue
    Kiss from a Rose - Brock

    I Won't Let You Go - Eli (Complete)
    I'll Get Back Up - Julian (Complete)
    Hard to Say Good Bye - Evelina (Complete)
    Another Entanglement - Eli
    Ipso Facto - Brock
    Something Old;Something New -
    Baby Steps - Ev

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    Ashleen Beneparte
    Sixth Year Prefect
    Sixth Year Prefect

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    Re: J. J. and friends

    Post by Ashleen Beneparte on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:40 am

    Ashleen D'Angelo


    TimeTurner: Stairway to Heaven (Complete)
    A Different Kind of Ballgame (Complete)
    Put You're Right Hand In

    Fifth Year

    Christmas Break
    Dog Days Are Over - Lena/Alexander (Complete)
    Merry Christmas Darling - Tre/Iva (Complete)
    Winter Colds -Nia (Complete)

    Lesson Two
    Human Nature - Tre (Complete)
    Classes-Lesson Two - Occulemncy, Weaponry, CoW, Hunting and Physical education (Compete)
    Fix You - Tre (Complete)
    Warm Fire on a Cold Day - Katerina (Complete)
    Slight Detours - Tre/Nia/Luc (Complete)
    Constant Cravings - Tre (Complete)
    She's Not There - Kait/Telsa (Complete)
    Evening the Score - Tre/ Ci (Complete)

    Feburary/Winter Break
    Impressions - Jala (complete)
    Russian Roulette -Tre ("Complete")

    Lesson Three
    Four Walls Won't Hold Me - Fonny (Complete)
    Classes - Lesson Three - Occlumency, CoW, Dueling, and Standard Spell (Complete)
    S.O.S - Tre (Complete)
    Witch Doctor - Tre (Complete)

    Spring Break
    What if I Stay Forever -Roman(Complete)
    Lights Will Guide You Home - Lena (Complete)
    Darkness Falls - Tre (Complete)
    Happy Ending - Papa (Complete)
    Fighter - Tre (Complete)

    Lesson Four
    Classes - Lesson Four - Dark Arts, Battle Stratagies, Standard Spell (complete)
    Mad World - Nia/Tre (Complete)
    Bare Necessities - Tre
    Dark Arts Practical (Complete)

    Untouched - Tre (Complete)
    Cross My Heart - Tre (Complete)
    By The Sea - Grayson
    Warzone - Tre (Complete)
    Can't Turn Back -Nia/Fon/Dora (Complete)
    Leverage - Karma ("Complete"?)
    Misguided - Kait (complete)
    Medusa- Millie ("Complete")
    Birthday for Wolf Cub - People
    Dream a Little Dream of Me - Tre (Complete)
    Mortician's Daughter - Link ("Complete")
    World War Infinity - Karma/Fon ("complete")

    Sixth Year
    All The Way - Le/Rhys (complete)
    Never Neverland- Tre ("Complete")

    Lesson one
    Appetite for Destruction -Tuck (Complete)
    Game of Fools - Nia
    Life is a Highway - Tuck (Complete)
    Pride and Prejudice - Kait
    How do You Sleep? - Tre (complete)
    When September Ends - Tre (Complete)

    Christmas Break
    Words are Sharper - Frodo
    Another Twist - Tre
    Don't Hold Your Breath - Tuck
    I have a dream - Titus
    Place in the Clear - Adam
    This Ain't a Scene -Fonny
    Let it Snow - OPEN
    Crash - OPEN
    The Show Must Go On - Tre
    Lost and Forgotten - OPEN
    We all Fall Down - OPEN

    Lesson Two
    Fall to the Edge - Blake (Complete)


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    Re: J. J. and friends

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