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    Professor Jobs - Beauxbatons

    Asric Chaos
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    Professor Jobs - Beauxbatons

    Post by Asric Chaos on Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:24 am

    Monsieur : Basil Skydancer
    Deputy Headmistress: Artemis Capulet

    Head of Angélique: Pierre Lamoureux
    Head of Prideux: Marianne Delancy
    Head of Vallée: Artmeis Capulet

    Equitation Professor: Bonnie Clyde
    Magical Beings Professor: Marianne Delancy
    Music Professor: Basil Skydancer
    Healing Professor: Roul Bélanger
    Light Arts Professor: Hunter Gabriel
    Mythology Professor: Pierre Lamoureux
    Creative Arts Professor: Scala Del Ray
    Enchantments Professor: Juliet LaFleur
    Metamorphic Studies Professor: Tynan Trudeau
    Mind Arts Professor: Amora Kirke
    Domestic Professor: Artemis Capulet

    Caretaker: (OPEN)
    Healer: Roul Bélanger
    Librarian: (OPEN)


    If you would like a job at Beauxbatons please reply with the following code. If you would like a job still reply it will put you on the waiting list.

    Job you would like to take:

    If the job is free, send me a lesson plan and it's yours.

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    Amy Heap

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    Re: Professor Jobs - Beauxbatons

    Post by Amy Heap on Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:16 pm

    Name: Amy Heap
    Job you would like to take: Substitute


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