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    Riley's Threads

    Riley Skander
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    Riley's Threads

    Post by Riley Skander on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:23 pm

    Riley Elle Skander

    To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.

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    Temportarily Insane-journal

    Trapped in the Closet-Karma Black, Iva Popov, Alucard Ergo, Evie Wood, Arsen Salvator, Jet Zambini, Aria Kennet, Rhys Haines

    Mr. Moonlight-Eye Frances

    Welcome Home-Crys Wells

    Dance-dance-dance-Adele Bass

    Take the Pain Away-Lora McCall

    It's Hard to Dance with the Devil on Your Back-Lena Vorstenbach

    Giant Squids are AWESOME!-Karma Black, Iva Popov, Casey Donohoe

    Triple Date-Hades Andrews, Iris Grayson, Thomas Gilbert, Crystal Wells, Caleb List

    Stormy Amelie Forsett

    In a graveyard of forgotten dreams lays a girl who never did.

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    Silence of Mine-journal

    Escape Reality-Karma Black

    Taryn Eliza Lennee
    Pick up the pieces, broken girl, before they turn to dust.

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    China Doll of Shattered Glass-journal

    Make Me Wanna Die-Anna Tshering


    Because sanity is overrated, anyways

    Allowed to GM Storm Forsett (like they'll ever be in the same room)

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