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    Cybernetic Legacy

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    Cybernetic Legacy

    Post by Adia Knight on Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:12 am

    Site Name: Cybernetic Legacy

    Site Link: www.cyberneticlegacy.forumotion.com

    Site Description/Plot: Welcome to the Grid.
    The world was a fine place. Modern civilization was easy living at this time. There was crime and such, as expected anywhere, but it was still simple living. Scientists had created something unspeakable. It was too dangerous to be, so the scientists destroyed their creation. This destruction caused a virus of some sort to expand through the global worldwide web.

    Strange disappearances came about, causing people to fear technology. Each one began to destroy their belongings, but this caused even more strange things to occur. Humanity, and inhumanity, disappeared from the world in a sort of technological apocalypse. In truth, the humans and creatures had been sucked into a digital world.

    The humans found this world to be easy. However, there was one problem--The viruses roaming the world. Soliders formed to take out these viruses, each one known as a Derezzer. However, the Derezzers weren't enough. The viruses were becoming far too powerful. There was one occurrence, however, that shook the residents to their very core. A new virus known as Blackout arose, destroying parts of the city in attempt to erase the world and those that resided there. The Derezzers formed once more, ready to protect the humans from the virus. The Derezzers were able to destroy Blackout, and were honoured greatly.

    However, this was just the calm before the storm. Every good had an evil. A group known as Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg [Lit.: Lightning War] had other ideals for the world. They wanted to rid the digital world of those they did not deem worthy so that they may have a perfect utopian city. The war between Derezz and Blitzkrieg rages on. Which side will you choose?

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