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    The Object of My Desire (OPEN)

    Duscha Kotik

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    The Object of My Desire (OPEN)

    Post by Duscha Kotik on Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:21 pm

    Amelia entered Potions and Cauldrons she was in search of a jade glass caldron she had saw it in Witch Weekly and knew instanly she had to have one it just looked so elegent. Though because it was made of jade glass it was quite pricey but fortunately being and Head Auror pays well

    Amelia strolled around looking for the particular caldron when finally she found it, it was so amazing, Amelia was in awe, she ran her finger over the body of the caldron, a smile appeared on her face. She then gestured for the shop assiant to bring it to the counter, Amelia the pulled out her purse and began walking towards the counter


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