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    Mafia sign up sheet!

    Asric Chaos
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    Mafia sign up sheet!

    Post by Asric Chaos on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:42 pm

    Owl me with the job you would like to take and the reasons why you would fit into this job.

    Azazel Sicarius
    The leader of the Mafia. His job is too keep everyone in line and issue out jobs to the members.

    Inner circle
    Nolan Carde
    Papa Popov
    Beuxbatons ( 1 )
    - A selection of the leaders closest aquaintences. They are the most skilled of the lot and so the more valuable. This group will consist of three people. They are all very influential out in the wizarding world.

    Law Keepers
    Hogwarts ( 1 )
    Aleksey Hansoff
    Beauxbatons ( 1 )
    - The law keepers whose job is to keep an eye on the family law. If one of the members breaks the mafia law they will be the one to break them. They are also the ones the God father sends out on missions. They are the ones responsible for setting up deals and gaining trustworthy members.

    Hogwarts ( 2 )
    Durmstrang - Khariton Lazar( 1 )
    Beauxbatons ( 2 )
    - These are the leaders favourite. Being an assassin himself makes them someone he can relate to but that only worsens it for you. Mess up and he will not make the mistake of sending you out again.

    Hogwarts ( 2 )
    Durmstrang ( 2 )
    Beauxbatons ( 2 )
    - These are their to protect the family. They guard the mansion from intruders and protect the leader and inner circle when required to.

    Hogwarts ( 3 )
    Durmstrang ( 3 )
    Beauxbatons ( 3 )
    - These are the low lifes of the family. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is it. If in this group you will be the ones to commit the petty crimes like theft to prove yourself to the leader. From here you will work your way up to the top so make sure you respect your greaters. Who knows one may even take you under their wing and train you up!

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