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    Bleeding Love | Ethon/Vi

    Ethon Pyrrhos
    Durmstrang Professor
    Durmstrang Professor

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    Re: Bleeding Love | Ethon/Vi

    Post by Ethon Pyrrhos on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:42 am

    Ethon put his hand over hers, gaze holding hers. "I'm just glad you're safe," he replied.

    "A job at Durmstrang?" Ethon repeated, his other hand reaching up to stroke her hair. "Teaching? You... needn't work. I could take care of you." He didn't like the idea of her going someplace where he could not. The wards surrounding Durmstrang were old enough and complicated enough to keep him out, even with his archaic transportation magic.

    His lips curled up in a warm smile. "As am I."


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