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    Paloma's Threads.

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    Paloma's Threads.

    Post by gigi on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:25 pm

    Here For The Show - Completed.
    A House Is Not A Home - [Aquila] Completed.
    Late Night Snackage - [Frodo&Deidre] Completed.
    Where'd You Go? - [Aquila&Rose&Adrian] Completed.
    i can't keep my hips from swaying to his sweet melody - [Andre] Completed.
    Drawing. - [Angel] Completed.
    strolling about - [Aora] Completed.
    The Riddle - [JJ] Completed.
    a whole new world - [Hogwarts Students] [Riley&Alora] Completed.
    Here For The Rest Of The Day - [Kassidy&Casey] Completed.
    it's human nature - [Lainey] Completed.
    Let The Games Begin - [Kasper] Completed.
    another bottle down - [Lena] Completed
    so, this is home? - [Anya] Completed.
    moments - [Kaitlen] Completed?
    my heart is a house - [Frodo]
    spectrum - [Adele]
    i'm like a bird - [Grayson]
    a cure for the weight of the world - [Afonka]
    some crazy stuff - [Thomas]
    if everyone cared - OPEN!
    perfect - [Alora]
    for the love of crisps - [Anya]
    donw by the lake - [Caleb]
    pretty beautiful yet lonely - [Aveneil&Hollie]
    tell the world i'm coming home - OPEN! [Durmstrang students]

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    Camille Fortescue
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    Re: Paloma's Threads.

    Post by Camille Fortescue on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:14 am

    Je Ne Sais Quoi - [Ninette&Adrian]
    the sun goes down, the stars come out - [Pandora]
    a beautiful view - [Quinn&Sorin&Scala]
    Would You Rather... - [Skye]
    Always Getting Into Trouble - [Melody]
    dance practice hunger - [Roxana&Laurent&Quinn]
    summer - [Valerie]
    by the fire - [Quinn&Tobias]
    invite for christmas break - [Adam&Quinn&Tobias]
    rocking around the christmas tree - [INVITED.]
    welcome to count castle - [INVITED.]
    piece and quiet - [Quinn]
    animal companion - [Marcus]
    sunny day - [Alex]
    need relief - [Adam&Tobias]
    mikaelson manor - [INVITED.]
    the reason that i breathe - [Charles]
    you got to me - [Marcus&Ninette]
    waiting for nobody - [Hollie]
    i'm blonde, not stupid - [Emelie]
    different school, different possibilities - [Quinn&Tobias]
    to raise the new - [Quinn&Jaiden]
    i can't believe this! - [Quinn&Tobias]
    17's too young - [J.J]
    countie cabin - [Tobias&Quinn&Adam]
    the greatest time of year - [Savannah]
    of heartbreak and hatred - [Celeste]
    cakelicious - [Storm]
    turn you to an animal - [Aveneil]
    in the eye of the hurricane - [Coraline]
    friends till the end - [Quinn]
    not everybody is a dreamer - [Destini]
    move along - [Kaci]
    where nothing makes sense, yet i understand - [Ellie]

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    Charlotte Minogue
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    Re: Paloma's Threads.

    Post by Charlotte Minogue on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:18 am

    look up, the stars are shining for you - [Lena]
    a new year and new people - [Pixie] Completed?
    clearing my head - [Caleb&Gabrielle&Cassia]
    hold my hand now - [Guss]

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    Alec Blanchard
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    Fifth Year Prefect

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    Re: Paloma's Threads.

    Post by Alec Blanchard on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:43 am

    how do you get up from an all time low? - [Quinn&Luce&Amélie] Completed.
    Let's Get It Started - [Invited] Completed.
    let's see how far we've come [Julian&Luce] Completed.
    trying to relax - [Adeline] Completed.
    Run The World - [Beauxbatons Students] Completed.
    safe and sound. - [Lisette&Laurent] Completed.
    rocking around the christmas tree - [Frenchies] Completed.
    hey there, pretty boy - [Grayson] Completed.
    friends with a pretty boy - [Grayson - Owl] Completed.
    all is quiet on new year's day - [Amélie&Grayson&Charlotter&Faye] Completed.
    friend like me - [Karma] Completed.
    born to be wild - [Julian] Completed.
    stronger (what doesn't kill you) - [Grayson] Completed.
    this is war - [Harmonie&Julian] Completed.
    party like it's your birthday - [Invited] Completed.
    awkward timing - [Hades] Completed.
    secrets given away - [Antonette] Completed.
    i want to rock the club with you - [Grayson] Completed.
    italia - [Harmonie] ...
    dance the night away - [Leshia] Completed.
    one thing for the childhood - [Aveneil] ...
    battlefield - [Amélie] Completed.
    you don't just fall without gravity - [Hazelle] ...
    fancy meeting you here - [Karma] Completed.
    the hangover - [Grayson] Completed.
    head underwater - [Alannah] ...
    bullets, birthday, blood - [Grayson] ...
    symphony soldier - [Julian] ...

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    Katerina Kahnovich
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    Re: Paloma's Threads.

    Post by Katerina Kahnovich on Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:20 pm

    a new year - Completed [Ruby&Adrian&Carina]
    closer to the edge - Completed [Alexa]
    italian dinner - Completed [Ksenia]
    warm fire on a cold day - Completed [Ashleen]
    every teardrop is a waterfall - [Kieran]
    i walk alone - [Tobias]
    running - [Bridget]
    here comes the sun - [Savannah]
    soundless voice - [luka & others invited]
    lost and found - [Acadia]


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    Re: Paloma's Threads.

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