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    Keeping A List and Checking It Twice

    Carina Rosier

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    Keeping A List and Checking It Twice

    Post by Carina Rosier on Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:52 am

    Up Till Now...

    Inevitable with Vala Ramone and Alexa Rozalie Thorpe. COMPLEATED.

    Light Up My World with Keiran Cartwright. INACTIVE.

    A New Year with Ruby Moon, Adrian Bok and Katerina Kahnovich. ACTIVE.

    Browsing the Shelves with Ksenia Sokol. ACTIVE.

    Hitrost Honour with William Krux. ACTIVE

    Cause I'd rather be caught dead, than be weak, and in my last days I'll still be standing strong.

    Psychokiller wha!

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