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    and time? it leaves you alone, alone, alone.

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    and time? it leaves you alone, alone, alone.

    Post by Rora on Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:07 pm

    Lena could remember reading a book when she was young. One of its quotes was death was tragic, and everything else was just a bump in the road. If she knew it was going to come true now, she would have made it stick in her mind.

    It was the first funeral Lena had been to in many years, and in her black dress, memories flooded into her head. She remembered how desperate she was during Vanka's funeral, her cries of mourning. Grandmother Vorstenbach's funeral wasn't too far off either; considering the only person she knew who can tell her about her illusions was dead, it would make sense for the Uchitel to miss her.

    But what lay in front of her now was not a relative, but a friend. It was different from the other two times. The Uchitel could only look at what was in front of her, and tried her best not to burst into a fit of tears. Holding onto her elbows, she rocked back and forth as she stared at the body of who was once one of her close friends.



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