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    Fine, Fine Line

    Rhys Haines
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    Fine, Fine Line

    Post by Rhys Haines on Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:29 am

    Rhys had a few days until school started and had decided to live it up in Aria's honor. That's what she would have wanted, anyway. She would have been scolding him for being mopey lately and, well, he didn't want to be like this anymore.

    Aria had promised a return and, hell, he planned to live well into she came back.

    Rhys had planned to walk back to Ty's house that night after hanging out at on of the teen hot spots. It was been fine, he guessed, but nothing special. Part of him thought it would have been better with Aria, but... He should just get home.

    Stepping into the street, Rhys noticed that the car down the road seemed to be swerving, but paid little attention to it. He took two, three steps before the headlights hit him. God damn muggle was on the wrong side of the road now! His steps grew quicker to avoid the car's path and he found his shoulders relaxing in relief...

    The bright light of pain and cement took away his vision in the next moment. There were a few seconds he couldn't piece together: a horn, the slice of metal over his cheek, screams, the brakes wailing in protest. Reality was starting to escape him; making the words of the driver seem like fantasy.

    Something warm was pressed against his cheek- concrete. Rhys took a moment to realize what had happened to leave him broken on the road. His heart was fluttering in panic, trying to comprehend the intense ammount of pain trying to overcoming his system. He could feel it coming under the adrienline.

    He was dying.

    No. No. He had promised. This couldn't... He wasn't allowed to die.

    As a black warmth overcame his system, Rhys let out a long breath- his only form of protest before his anticlimatic death finally drew to a close.


    "Sir, have you been drinking this evening?"

    The driver sat on the curb, head in his hands. The police and ambulance lights blended in a medley of colors that made his headache even worse. His eyes flickered to the white blanket covering the young body he had hit an hour earlier. The corners were blood stained and hiding the torn skin of the boy. It didn't matter- he had already seen. Maybe it was to hide the teen fron his parents or from the gathering crowd. The driver groaned and shook his head in defeat.



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