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    Requiem For A Dream (True Diaries)

    Jordan Pendragon

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    Requiem For A Dream (True Diaries)

    Post by Jordan Pendragon on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:30 am

    This a Vampire Diaries RP:

    The Plot: Requiem For A Dream
    Season One

    The plot of Requiem For A Dream is that of an altered universe that combines both aspects of the series, in book and television format. Some things will be similar, but a mixture of both - and other things, well they will totally be user generated. With that being said, we are an alternate universe role-play site that is loosely based around some of the events in the series, and we take no credit for those events that have already occurred - via show or book. So if you are curious, all the characters are here - Alaric, the Originals, etc - but some of them are locked away until the appropriate Season.

    Our story begins at a timeline, where Stefan Salvatore has just recently returned to Mystic Falls after a number of years, which is around fifty. He wants to create a new life and attempt to be human, away from his brother - Damon Salvatore. The only difference is, Stefan Salvatore isn't human, nor he is even the same age as anyone that resides in this quirky little town. He is a vampire, which was turned during the Italian Renaissance back in the 1500's, which makes him over five-hundred years old. That being said, he is from Florence, Italy and wishes to return to the glorious city he once moved to after becoming a vampire.

    All has been forgotten though, since the vampire attacks during the 1800's in which the Founder's had to defend against. This is a time of peace in the Falls, and vampires are unknown to all of the regular citizens, with the exceptions of the Founder's. They simply know that there are vampires still lurking, still alive - and they are hell bent on believing that they still reside within their fair town. In total there are ten founding families: Gilbert's, Fell's, Salvatore's, Forbe's, Lockwood's and five alternate universe families (which will be created upon request). These families are the only thing protecting the unsuspecting citizens of Mystic Falls from their supernatural doom. Can they actually defend their families, friends and relatives - or will they fail?

    Mystic Falls isn't just home to the supernatural, however. It houses some of the best teenagers in all of Virginia, some of which - specifically are: Caroline & Jordan Forbes, Elena & Jeremy Gilbert, Vicki & Matt Donovon, and Bonnie Bennet, but not leaving out Meredith Fell. This is still a regular town to them, with their high school, worrying about their future and various other things that the typical teenager has to endure. They all still dwell in their academic and athletic lives, being cheerleaders, footballers, and various other sports fanatics - as they try to fit into cliches as much as they can at school. But how will the supernatural impact them all? Will it tear them apart, bring them closer or will it simply make them all want to leave Mystic Falls, forever?

    Everything is entirely up to you as the player and the character. This world thrives on your imagination, and mine alike - in an attempt to mold to what we want. Our battles, our emotions, our everything will be poured into this world in an attempt to make real life situations work. Everything here will be almost as real as it can possibly get, from a role-play viewpoint. No relationships are formed, meaning that all characters are single, until they are in a relationship. Elena and Matt are no longer together, but Elena and Stefan are not together - and nor do they have to be. Now the only question is, do you wish to help your friends or do you want to hurt them? Become a vampire, human, witch, werewolf or any other supernatural being that gets include later! Remember though, this is all up to you - and depending on how you play, the plot will thicken, or simply be very stringy and simple.

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