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    she asked for it.

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    she asked for it.

    Post by danie on Thu May 03, 2012 10:06 pm

    Loz says: (5:01:16 PM)
    tell me a story! D:

    danie says: (5:01:31 PM)
    that's you spazing? xD

    danie says: (5:01:33 PM)

    danie says: (5:01:41 PM)
    once upon a time, there was this princess ghost named Loz

    Loz says: (5:01:46 PM)
    yup Very Happy

    danie says: (5:01:51 PM)
    and she loved this Real life guy named….. 

    danie says: (5:01:54 PM)
    JULIAN. :p

    Loz says: (5:02:03 PM)

    danie says: (5:02:09 PM)
    and so, Julian the wizard had a secret

    Loz says: (5:02:12 PM)
    okay D:

    danie says: (5:02:15 PM)
    he was… well, a wizard.d

    danie says: (5:02:17 PM)
    * wizard. 

    danie says: (5:02:39 PM)
    and so, both teens fell i love with each other,

    Loz says: (5:02:43 PM)
    got that

    Loz says: (5:02:46 PM)

    danie says: (5:03:18 PM)
    Julian really wanted Loz to be real so he found an ancient book of incantations and found one that brought ghosts back to life.

    Loz says: (5:03:34 PM)

    danie says: (5:03:48 PM)
    So he set out around the world until he found all the ingredients but Loz couldn't accompany him because she was confined to the prince's castle

    Loz says: (5:03:57 PM)

    danie says: (5:04:05 PM)
    by the time Julian came back, he was in his late 30s and Loz was still a teenager. 

    danie says: (5:04:06 PM)

    Loz says: (5:04:21 PM)

    danie says: (5:04:27 PM)
    Loz was soon turned into a real person but became a vampire 

    danie says: (5:04:38 PM)
    and then, she turned Julian into a vampire 

    danie says: (5:04:44 PM)
    and they all lived happily ever after.

    danie says: (5:04:57 PM)
    well… until the Cullen's came and ruined the vampires.

    Loz says: (5:05:16 PM)

    Loz says: (5:05:31 PM)
    that was a terrible story Razz

    danie says: (5:05:34 PM)



    Re: she asked for it.

    Post by Guest on Fri May 04, 2012 9:34 pm

    oh wow Razz
    Lolita Olivier
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    Third Year

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    Re: she asked for it.

    Post by Lolita Olivier on Fri May 11, 2012 9:50 am

    That was an awesome story Telsa :3


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    Re: she asked for it.

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