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    Stalk Me, I Dare You

    Fourth Year
    Fourth Year

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    Stalk Me, I Dare You

    Post by Gorneh on Tue May 15, 2012 12:41 am

    Lesson Three, Second Year

    Going for a Swim - Crow/Bridget/Asric

    I Know You Want Me - Karma

    Closer - Karagorn

    The Tainted Clock is Counting Down - Anna

    Smells Like Teen Spirit - Pixel

    Stealing is an Art - Peaches


    Break, Third Year

    Mourning the Dead [Private] - Pixel

    Crying and Dying? - Eva

    Blood Drunk - Karma/Alucard

    Hogwarts for the First Time - Marcus/Alexander

    A Family Reunion? - Marcus/Alexander

    First Sighting - Rhys


    Lesson Three, Third Year

    Strange Magic - Divination - JJeh

    Star Light, Star Bright - Astronomy - JJeh

    How To Save A Life - DADA - Casey

    This Should Be Easy - Muggle Studies - JJeh

    It's a Bird! It's a Plane! - Flying - Casey

    Enchanted - Charms - Casey

    Broomsticks and Bednobs - Transfiguration - Casey

    Lesson Three - Potions - Alex

    Lost In Thoughts, Bottoms Up - Alexander

    It's Not Right, But It's Okay? - Alexander

    Happiness - Marcus

    Kiss Me Deadly, Ice Cream for Two - Pixel

    Herbology - Tiana

    Take Care - Karma

    Mermaid in the Night - Daniel

    Sins of the Lion - CoM - No One

    Stuff - Nolan/Daniel

    Going Back to Hogwarts - Daniel/Nolan

    Kitteh Amazin - Karma

    How to Explain You're a Whore - Daniel/Karma

    It's Not Unusual - Daniel

    Another Word I Never Learned to Pronounce - Karma


    Break, Third Year

    Moving In and Moving Out - Karma

    Love Hurts - Casey/Daniel

    The Time of Your Life - Daniel


    Lesson Four, Third Year

    Senses - Noah/Daniel

    Another Day Another Experiment - Karma

    Side Effects Include.... - Karma

    Diary of Jane - Karma/Prof Irelia

    They Say Its Darkest Before Dawn - Serena

    By the Sea... Well, er, Lake - Daniel/Miles

    Sweet Blasphemy - Blaine/Karma

    I Want Your Bite - Rated PG-13 - Blaine/Karma

    Savior - Daniel/Casey/Miles


    Summer Break

    All I Have to Do Is Dream - Arsen

    Where is My Mind - Karma


    First Term, Fourth Year

    You Give Love a Bad Name - Karma


    Christmas Break, Fourth Year

    The Music of the Night||Black Manor||Christmas - Daniel


    Second Term, Fourth Year

    Somewhere New - Catalina

    Ice Coffee is SUPPOSED to Be Cold - Daniel/Casey

    Her Diamonds - Karma

    Butterflies - Daniel

    Divination Lesson Two - Prof Chaos

    Transfiguration Lesson Two - Prof Lynx

    Potions Lesson Two - Prof Grimstone


    Third Term, Fourth Year

    Fly with Me - Charlotte Minogue

    Learning "Computers." Whatever the Heck Those Are. - Casey/Daniel

    Lovely Bones - Amelia

    Spring(?) Break, Fourth Year

    Trial Run - Daniel

    Gravel King - King of the Gravel - Vera/Brock

    Term Four, Fourth Year

    All Star -Daniel

    End of Year Four, Summer

    Rant -Alexander

    Whispering to the Dead -Karma

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    Adia Knight

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    Re: Stalk Me, I Dare You

    Post by Adia Knight on Tue May 15, 2012 1:10 am

    Lesson Three

    I Can't Run From It - Rush

    Cruel Mixtures - Destiny/Basil/Kassidy

    Video Killed the Radio Star - Tessa


    Enjoying the Sun - Jazmina

    Can GM Victoria, Phoenix, Aris, Aragorn, and Genevieve.

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    Aris Petrov
    Ministry Official
    Ministry Official

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    Re: Stalk Me, I Dare You

    Post by Aris Petrov on Tue May 15, 2012 1:19 am

    Lesson Three

    Why Can't You Understand Me? - Madisen

    Lesson Three [Next Year]

    Here's to Another Night - Charlotte

    Half-Term [2057]

    Lets Give a New Life a Try -Trevor Galloway

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    Can GM Aragorn, Alice, Airiana, Adia, and Cera.

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    Airiana Wolfgang Hawthorn
    Third Year
    Third Year

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    Re: Stalk Me, I Dare You

    Post by Airiana Wolfgang Hawthorn on Sat May 26, 2012 7:49 am

    Lesson Three, Second Year

    Party Slytherin Style - Slytherins

    Where're All the Merpeople At - Daniel

    Lesson Four, Second Year

    Lesson Four Potions - Students

    Defend, Attack, It's All the Same (DADA) - Students

    Lesson 4 2nd Years (HoM) - Students

    Charms - Students

    Transfigure This (Transfiguration) - Students

    Divinations || 2nd Year - Students

    Lesson 4 || Astronomy - Students

    Herbology || 2nd Year Lesson Four - Students

    CoM Lesson Four 2nd Year - Students

    Train Ride, Third Year

    New Start at the Year - Preston

    First Term, Third Year

    Hiding Skeletons (DADA) - Savannah/Lila

    Potions Lesson 1 - Belinda/Robin

    Transfiguration Lesson 1 - Valerie/Robin/Lynx

    Burn It Down (Charms) - Savannah/Valerie/Belinda/Bridget/Lenora

    Lesson Two, Third Year

    That is Not Paleontology - Timothy McQueen/Suzy Kidston/Prof Finch

    Divination Lesson Two - Prof Chaos

    Astronomy Lesson Two - Prof O'Brian

    Seeping Cold

    Third Lesson, Third Year

    Its In to be Out - Bridget Dursley

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    Re: Stalk Me, I Dare You

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