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    Escape Into the Music

    Amélie Blanchard
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    Escape Into the Music

    Post by Amélie Blanchard on Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:19 pm

    Mel slipped into the club while the guy at the door was distracted and glanced around at the pulsing lights and bodies with a slow smile. Here, finally, was a place where she could let go.

    Mel knew her brother would probably kill her if he saw her here, but she didn't care. He'd have to catch her first, and anyway, he'd done worse himself. She needed to get away from her parents' latest fight. Her mother had come by to pick up some things from home. Things had quickly gone downhill between her and Mel's father and Mel had escaped.

    Still grinning, Mel plunged into the mass of writhing bodies. Even though she was only 11, she could move her body and let the music fill her until it pushed away everything. She threw in moves from hip hop, ballet, freestyle, and just anything that felt right. Her grin was dreamy and her eyes closed, but thanks to her Mind Arts training, she was able to keep track of her surroundings.


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