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    Riverbonds Valley

    Claudia Starling

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    Riverbonds Valley

    Post by Claudia Starling on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:19 am


    River Bonds Valley was the town everyone wanted to live in.

    Old Money. New Money.

    The North and The South, respectively.

    And then there was the East and West.

    The place for everyone else below the rich and powerful.

    Everything has been running smoothly until Rose McKeath, wife of the owner of McKeath Inc – the biggest shipment company in the nation – was found dead at River Bonds Valley’s Central Park, wearing her former school – Charms Preparatory – ‘s letterman jacket.

    The rich have pointed fingers at the Middle and Lower Class citizens, and everyone is on their toes as a note appears that shocks everyone.

    ~Change is coming, and a new power will rise. ~


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