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    You Found Me || Hansoff Manor

    Faye Beneparte
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    Fourth Year

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    You Found Me || Hansoff Manor

    Post by Faye Beneparte on Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:46 am

    Faye shivered and leaned heavily against her wall. She needed to... too...

    Her slim body shook with the force of the cough, ripping and tearing through her chest, sending sharp stabbing pains through her with every force of air. Pains that continued through the coughs and strenghtened with each slow, gasping breath. They weren't coming in right.

    "Hello," her voice was soft, weak, as she wrapped the quilt from her bed closer to her. She didn't want to venture out of her room, but she was scared, so very scared....

    This wasn't just her normal sickness. She'd been dealing with that for over a year now, feeling weaker everyone day, having no energy - tired, headaches... those had been everyday things for her. And in that way this was the same as the usual sickness. She barely even noticed the change.

    But now...

    This was more than just cancer. She'd caught something else too... her weakening immune system ahd done what she had always feared it would eventually do.

    Fail her.

    She took another shaking step down her stairs, her knees feeling like they could collapse at any moment. Her whole body feeling ready to quit on her, "Anybody? Ma.. Min.."

    She lost her footing on the last step and slide the rest of the way down, blinking at herself as she half laid there gasping for breath, more coughs racking her body, the acrid taste of blood filling her mouth.

    "Mommy?" her voice was soft needy. No one except for someone possibly walking right past could hear her. "Daddy? Minos? Any-anyone?"

    She coughed, and curled in on her self, closing her eyes and waiting for the fit to end, hoping to be able to breath when it ended, but still doubtful of it.

    She just wanted it to end.


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