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    And It All Came Tumbling Down | Rated for Violence

    Rhys Edmunds
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    And It All Came Tumbling Down | Rated for Violence

    Post by Rhys Edmunds on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:24 am

    Zlobin Manor

    Ana mussed her cousin's red hair, grinning impishly at the boy. "I'm going to tell Lena you never stop talking about her," she teased. "Lena this, Lena that - she's always had you wrapped about her little finger."

    "You wouldn't!" the boy exclaimed, ducking away from the twenty-three-year-old's hand, face flushing red. "And she does not! I'll have you know, our relationship is very balanced." Rhys gave his cousin a very serious expression

    "Riiiight," laughed Ana. "She's totally the one in charge, isn't she?"

    "Ana, stop picking on your cousin," Jestina admonished her daughter as she entered the room. Her own eyes sparkled with the same mischief. "Though, we're all very glad to hear you've gotten back together with your girlfriend, Rhys. Moping does not suit you."

    Rhys sputtered indignantly. "I didn't mope!"

    "I hope you are all getting ready to leave," Iosef interrupted. "We need to be leaving soon, or we shall be late."

    "Father, you know you're always the last to get ready," Ana scoffed. "Even Rhys is all dressed up and handsome. Only you are not ready."

    The man gave his daughter a stern look, but it was ruined by a small smile.

    "Come along, dear," Jestina said warmly. "I'll help you get ready." The married couple left the room.

    "You just want some alone time!" Ana called after them incorrigibly. She grinned back at Rhys, seating herself on a chair.

    "Someone ought to warn others about how much trouble you really are," Rhys told his cousin.

    Ana laughed. "They probably should," she agreed.

    Rhys sat on the end of the sofa close to her. "So, how is your research going?" the boy asked. "Have you... did you make one, yet?"

    "A Philosopher's Stone?" the woman asked, laughing at how startled the boy looked at her openness about her research. "Not yet, but I have everything that I need to do so. I reckon I'll make my first proper attempt next week, sometime."

    "You'll succeed," Rhys said confidently.

    His cousin grinned. "Of course I will," she responded cockily. The bell at the door was run and Ana got up to go answer. The door could be heard opening before she got there, one of her parents having gotten there, first.

    "Can I help y-" Jestina had began.

    "Where is she?"

    Ana was already back across the room as the rough male voice sounded from the doorway, her eyes wide and expression panic-stricken.

    "Ana, wha-" Rhys started to ask, only to have his cousin clap a hand over his mouth.

    "Shut up!" she hissed. She shoved him towards the opposite end of the room, sliding open the door to the hall closet and shoving him inside. "You stay put. Don't move - don't even make a sound. Understood?" Ana demanded, still whispering. She waited for the boy to nod before removing her hand and sliding the door shut, again. It was still open a crack.

    "The alchemist," the man at the door demanded loudly, "Anastasia Zlobin, where is she?"

    "What do you want with our daughter?" Iosef's voice returned, every bit as commanding.

    Ana quickly murmured spell after spell, tone a bit frantic, preventing Rhys from hearing what was happening in the entryway. There was a struggle; that's all the boy could tell. She didn't stop until the closet was completely hidden from view and warded against detection.

    She had just stepped away from Rhys' location, when several men entered the parlor, two of them shoving Iosef and Jestina in front of them.

    "The talented Miss Ana Zlobin," the man who was clearly their leader spoke. "I have a job offer for you."

    "You people are very persistent," Ana responded evenly. "I already told you no."

    The stranger tsked. "Such an excellent offer, Ana. I don't think you really wish to refuse. I think... your parents will be very disappointed if you refuse."

    "What do they want, Ana, love?" Jestina asked her daughter. Her gaze had quickly swept the room, her relief at seeing no sign of her nephew - her son, in every way that matter - completely concealed.

    "They want me to make Philosopher's Stones for them. Several of them," Ana replied, tone detached. "I told them no because I cannot in good conscious support their cause. They're a band of murderers who enslave children and tear about families. I would have no part in it."

    The man gave a cruel sounding laugh. "You make us sound so very evil. We're simply businessmen."

    "Except I've no choice but to accept."

    He spread his hands. "Like you said. We're persistent." His tone abruptly went from genial to dangerous. "Here's the deal: you do as we ask and no harm comes to your parents."

    Iosef struggled against the man holding him. "Say no, Ana."

    "That is a very bad idea," said the man.

    "Ana," Jestina spoke softly, eyes overly bright, "you know we are very proud of you. You have always done what you have felt was best. Don't compromise your values. Not for our sake."

    "I know," Ana replied. She smiled sadly, then looked solidly at the man. "My answer is no. It will always be no."

    The man smirked wickedly. "I was hoping you'd say that."

    The next hour passed with horrifying slowness, as the strangers attempted to force Ana to change her mind. Jestina was the first to be tortured, slowly murdered, then her husband, and finally Ana, herself.

    Ana Zloblin and her parents never caved.

    Rhys had watched, horror-stricken through the crack in the door, not a sound passing his lips. It was a long time following the men's departure, after they had ransacked the house, before the boy ventured out. He fell limply to his knees in the midst of what had once been his only remaining family. Bringing his hands to his face, he began to weep - in utter, complete silence.


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