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    Not to Be

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    Not to Be

    Post by Aphrodite Kallistos on Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:18 am

    Small Muggle Cemetery
    Late Afternoon

    Aria had found him. Her Rhys. The girl slowly knelt on the ground in front of the grey stone, a hand reaching out to trace the letter etched into its face.

    R... H... Y... S...

    "You weren't suppose to die," Aria admonished. "I told you I was coming back, didn't I? How could you let yourself be run over by a muggle vehicle? You were supposed to stay alive!" Her tone became a bit thick and she paused, drawing in a deep breath.

    She frowned reprovingly at the headstone. "I'm very angry that you didn't listen. Perhaps, it is just as well. I was never meant to remain yours..." her voice trailed off and the blonde stared down at her hands.

    "I loved you, Rhys. So much." Aria gave a soft laugh. "Perhaps, a part of me always will."

    Drawing out her wand she murmured a quiet spell, tracing a heart-shaped wreath of flowers. Aria smiled at the result, only to scowl when the flowers burst into flames. "I suppose it's the thought that counts," she said, a small smile tugging at her lips. "You never struck me as a flower person, anyway."

    Rising to her feet, the girl quietly left the cemetery, leaving a wreath of charred flowers on the grave of one Rhys Haines.



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