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    Post by Tovia on Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:15 am

    2 Hours outside of London, England

    The night was glittered in stars. Everywhere Linda looked, there were stars. Shining, almost fighteningly bright. The sight of white on black filled her with wonder and joy; wonder of the wonders of the world, forever untouched. And, from the looks of the clear sky, she couldn't have picked a better camping night.

    As she set up her tent, the muggle barely noticed the rumble of thunder on the open feild. Even as the sound became louder, the girl's clattering covering any noticable sounds. Finally, Linda was startled by a seemingly impossible event.

    Lightning in the clear sky, spidering and jarring as if they were connecting the stars.

    Linda let out a soundless scream, all sound lost except for the rolling thunder. The whole scene seemed to swallow her up; drowning in thunder, deafened by light-

    Until it all suddenly stopped.

    The human's sight was recovered at once, her gaze at the sky. Her body started to relax and her head slipped down to the feild again to see a man, completely nude, before her. His skin was covered in a blue webbing- Linda realized it was the same as the lightning. On his back were black marking, precise and neat, a language of sorts.

    "G-God have mercy," she whispered, softly. The man heard. He turned, skin a normal color, eyes a bright blue, and smiled.

    "As you ask, it shall be done,"

    Tovia had no need of this human's panic. He- he? This body, it was male, correct?- only needed to find the brimstone. The girl's pain woul come soon enough, he realized, before disappearing into the night.

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