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    The Full Moon, Slightly Chipped

    Luka Donkov
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    The Full Moon, Slightly Chipped

    Post by Luka Donkov on Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:55 am

    Luka sits in the tea room. Indiffence on his now quite pale face. It had been 4 weeks since he'd witnessed his fathers death. 4 weeks, since he bacme the man of the donkov home. He watched his mother cry, each and every day. He gazes down at the teacup in his had tilting the cup side to side and watching the tea intently. The aromatic smell didnt phase the boy. Nothing had. He had to grow up. He had to fo it fast. Even if he didnt want to. He'd stay himself around Nikolai, but the other servants and aimee, he'd never give them the satisfaction.

    The twin servants, Aleks and Akim were whispering behinmd gloved hands "the master has changed, he seems, lackluster... dont you agree"

    Luka winced as he heard them speak. He sighs and looks down. He wore a read jacket today, black shorts,a black shoes and a black tie. He directed a glare at the twins, causing them to stiffen immediately "quiet yourselves. your gossip is quite bothersome."


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