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    stop the world, i need to think

    Emelie Foss
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    stop the world, i need to think

    Post by Emelie Foss on Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:53 pm

    Emelie had been sitting on a bus the entire night. For about the zillionth time she was running away. Where, was a mystery to her. She didn't care. In the middle of the night, running away was probably a bad idea.

    The girl had appreciated it when nobody questioned why a young person like her was alone on a bus at that time of night. Emelie hated unnecessary small-talk when it was avoidable. She was, most definitely, not in a mood to talk to anyone.

    Emelie decided to leave when she was slapped. It was no shock to her, but nobody should work in an orphanage if they hit the kids. It was the first time on of the women, Melissa, had been driven to slap her. Emelie had heard stories from the older kids about hitting, but she thought it was merely showing off.

    The Prideux had gotten few things together. She packed lightly enough to be able to walk withot being weighed down. Used to being alone and outside, Emelie had no trouble with finding the necessary things to take.

    Getting off the bus, she realized the morning had already started to come.

    Emelie sat down on a bench, still clutching her knife that she took tighty,and began to wonder where she was and what to do next.


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