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    Father's birthday ball ll Vogel's Mansion

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    Father's birthday ball ll Vogel's Mansion

    Post by Alex on Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:35 am

    Vogel's mansion

    "Alannah, I have selected your dress," Alannah's mother called out, from the corner of Alannah's room. To some, it would be a throne room, but then again, Alannah had one of the biggest rooms in the mansion.

    "What have you selected?" Alannah asked her, as she walked towards her mother. Her mother turned around, with a yellow dress, that Alannah has never wore. But most of her cloths, she had never worn before.

    Alannah was... a fan of the dress. Personally, Alannah didn't like yellow. It was too bright.

    Ignoring her urge to fling the dress, Alannah accepted the dress. Her mother bustled around, to help her put it on.

    In the end, Alannah was adorned with a string of freshwater pearls necklace, and black high heels. So her mother went for the route of simplicity, today.

    In ten minutes, Alannah was in the Ball Room, made for occasions like this. The head of the family can not have his birthday without a ball of course.



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