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    First Day In Office

    Danica Brew
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    Hogwarts Professor

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    First Day In Office

    Post by Danica Brew on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:31 pm

    Snow was excited to be starting her new job, as the Improper Use of Magic Admin, from what she had heard there was actually a surprising amount of underage magic which wen ton in the UK

    As Snow sat down behind her desk she looked around the room, it was rather dull and lifeless, I guess the office hadn't been used in over a year

    She then flick her wand at the grey curtins, transfiguring them into golden yellow ones with diamonds on them, she then turned her focus to two old wooden chairs in front of her desk, with several flicks of her wand the old wooden chairs soon turned into light pink glass chairs, with frilly dark pink cushions, Snow then leaned back proud that she had made the room her own

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