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    Just like you


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    Just like you

    Post by Manda on Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:26 am

    Kait stood on the doorstep of her rundown home. Broken glass and spilled alcohol was all over the place, making it very unsafe. And to think, Kait was raised under this.

    Opening the door, Kait saw that things had got worse than it was a year ago. Had it really been a year? It seemed like a day... so many stuff has happened to her since then.

    Kait wanted to talk to her mother, now with the courage to do it alone. This was something she needed to do alone, the red head saw that now.

    "Mother?" Kait called out in greek, heading towards the area of the red heads 'room'. She saw her stuff was torn, and trashed. Good thing Kait kept her valuable stuff with her at all times.

    "What is it?" Her mother appeared, drunk. "I thought I got rid of you. I thought you died, at least, that is what your fellowfreaks told me." Her mother was too.. calm. Kait knew this wasn't going to be a happy reunion.

    "Well, I haven't seen you in a year, and I wanted to get my stuff," Kait lied, smirking. "But I see... you had a rage, and my stuff was the victim."

    Her mom walked toward Kait, causing her to back up into a wall. "Get out! Get out! GET OUT!" Her mother threw a bottle with whiskey in it, causing Kait to duck.

    "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!?" Kait screamed, not entirely too shocked, dodging anther bottle. "ARE YOU CRAZY!?"

    "I AM TRYING TO FINISH THE JOB!" Was the reply, as her mother grabbed her by the neck. Kait tried to breath, but her mother was too strong, even in her druken state.

    After a moment of struggling, Kait managed to release the hold and pushed her to the ground.

    "So you don't even have a ounce of care for me anymore," Kait snarled, her foot on her mothers chest. "Say, do you remember that you have two other children? Agamemnon and Iris?" Her mothers confused look either meant that she was too drunk, or their father erased her memory.

    Suddenly her mother brought out a weapon, that made Kait's blood run cold. A gun... her mother was really serious. Kait figured that now is the time where she could use magic, and not get in trouble for it.

    Bring out her wand, Kait held it against the throat. "Drop it, now," The red head snarled, pleased to see her mothers eyes widen. But her mother just raised the gun to Kait's face.

    Waving her wand, Kait yelled the stunning spell and grabbed the gun. Getting out the bullets and taking them with her, she ran out of the house. Kait realized that she was crying, and tried to stop.

    "I don't have a mother anymore," Kait whispered in Russian, walking around a glass bottle.

    She felt the last shred of hope she had, that her mother could recover from this. To be her mother.

    Who could she go to now? Kait wasn't talking to Lena, or Frodo. Lora would probably cry right now, and Kait couldn't stand tears right now. Anya, she didn't know where she lived. And the red head didn't want to go to the pureblood family. Dylan... no.

    Kait suddenly remembered Kallie. She couldn't... the minister probably didn't even remember her. But she was her only chance.




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