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    Shut up and Drive



    Shut up and Drive

    Post by Guest on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:53 pm

    Proud of himself, would not explain how Roul Bélanger felt about himself at the moment. Proud of himself was a perpetual state for the man, heightened a fraction of a moment when he did something even he considered to have been difficult for him - which wasn't often.

    Proud of himself had been what he'd been when he'd gotten the woman he had just pinned to the front seat of his showy sports car to marry him in the first place.

    The fact that he had her come back to him after throwing her to the curb.

    Well that was just expected. After all - once Roul's always Roul's ... even if he made a claim he did not wish you to be otherwise.

    "Roul," Nadine Lévesque moaned despite the fact that she was trying to shove him off. The young man of course completely ignored her. Instead he was already pulling off the suit jacket he'd worn to sneak into her latest event and chucking in uncerimoniously into the back seat. His lips never stopped attacking her skin as he did so. "Roul! Not in the car - My clients could see us."

    Her tone was very remprimanding. Roul, an easy smirk on his face allowed himself to be pushed back. His eyes raked over his ex-wife greedily before settling back into the drivers seat.

    "You always were such a priss, Dine," he stated airily as he reved the engine into action.

    She snorted and started herself into the seat, playing with her emaculate blonde hair, "And you were always a complete Ass, Sweetie."

    Roul just laughed and reached a hand over, running it possesively along her thigh, as he pulled away from the grand building.

    "That's why you married me."
    Bonnie Clyde
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    Re: Shut up and Drive

    Post by Bonnie Clyde on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:08 pm

    Yawning, Bonnie sat up, shrugging on the suit jacket and leaning her head on the passanger seat to eye the woman in the mirror she'd pulled down to check her hair. The woman, for her part, froze, her eyes catching on Bonnie's before she squeeled and turned, throwing her arms around the girl.

    "Oi! Gerroff me!" Bonnie tried half heartedly as Nadine broke into an excited burst of french, referencing at least sixteen inside jokes along with Rio, Vegas, and somewhere that was possibly in the Bahamas.

    "Can you remember to breathe, for once?" Bonnie grumbled in French, prying herself off the woman. Holding her back at arms length, the American let a half smile flit across her face. "Hey, Nad."

    In the blink of an eye, everything changed, and Bonnie was lounging easily as far away from the woman as she could as Nadine tried everything possible to tear her to shreds. The woman was screeching something at the top of her voice, over and over again, until at last Bonnie could understand it.


    "Those are my eardrums you're breaking." Bonnie said easily, staying easily beyond the French woman's grasp. "You should really sit down before Roul puts us through a tree."

    Grumbling, Nadine listened, though she shot looks back at the girl every few seconds to make sure she was still there. Running a hand through her hair, Bonnie rolled her eyes and sat up again. "Hey Roul."



    Re: Shut up and Drive

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:57 pm

    "Bonjour Mon amour," Roul called uninterestedly as he saw Bonnie in the back seat. "Do you honestly have so little faith in my driving skills, Clyde. There are many things I can do while driving."

    His gaze never wavered from the road, only pausing a moment to glance back in his rear view, at the cars behind him, and smirking as he caught her gaze in there.

    "Nadine, Darling," he rolled his eyes, "She is right though - calm yourself. You over react far to much." He reached over a hand again, letting it drift even higher up her leg, enjoying the way the girl froze - he knew she was trying to not give him any reaction - and he could hear the way her breath was spiking, shaking, "Not that that was always such a bad thing."

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    Re: Shut up and Drive

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