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    Kaci McQueen

    Kaci McQueen
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    Kaci McQueen

    Post by Kaci McQueen on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:40 am

    Kaci McQueen

    We are all a little crazy

    Name: Kaci Hall McQueen
    Nickname: Kat
    Date of Birth: 4/1
    Birthplace: Britian
    Current Home: Britian
    Blood Purity: Half
    Gender: Female
    Sexual alignment: Homosexual

    Face Claim: Julliane Houghs
    Body type: Slender, tall
    Height: 5'6
    Hair: Long, brown, wavy
    Eyes: Brown
    Unique features: Ears pierced, Belly Button pierced, Tattoo of a cheetah on her Right hip
    Dressing style: Her outfits usually consists of showing a bit of skin. Loves wearing Corset tops, blue jeans, leather jackets

    Likes: Hip Hop, dancing, running, Nightclubs, Country Music, Being lazy, boys, Flirting, drinking, Laughing, Independence, Cheetahs
    Dislikes: Stupid people, Whining, Pushy people, Coconut, Screamo music
    Fears: Regrets, People denying her, spiders
    Strengths: Distracting people, her body, Hiding the truth
    Weaknesses: Dancing, Music, Secrets
    Personality: Kaci is a type of girl, who is blunt, and not afraid to do what she wants. She doesn't make a lot of smart decisions, but always seems to know when to stop. She gets stressed easily, and usually gets rid of the stress by dancing and listening to music loudly. Kaci doesn't have a lot of people she knows, that she would risk her life for, but she would do it for her mother.

    Full name: Miles Hank McQueen /Age: 47 /Occupation: England /Species: Human /Status: Living
    Full name: Annabelle Cindi McQueen nee Well /Age: 36 /Occupation: England /Species: Human /Status: Living
    Full name: Britt Miles McQueen /Age: 18 /Occupation: America /Species: Human /Status: Living
    Full name: Ian Cameron McQueen /Age: 24 /Occupation: England /Species: Human /Status: Living
    Full name: Cady Marie McQueen /Age: 8 /Occupation: England /Species: Human /Status: Living

    Pets: Name: Bellian /Age: 3 /Species: German Sheppard /Status: Living
    Overall history:
    She was born in her house, like her other siblings. At the time, she was the youngest child out of three children, and the only female.

    Her home style was a normal routine, with the humor and family love. Her muggle father worked at a Travel Agency, so they got good deals when taking Family Vacations. Her mother, who was a witch, worked at a Candy Store, so she grew up with a sweet tooth.

    Throughout her whole life, her older brother Britt was her idol. He was the oldest, and the most free spirited. He yearned to travel, and do new things. To say he got in a lot of trouble in Hogwarts would be a underestimate. Her second oldest brother, Ian, was the one she argued a lot with, about the most silliest things. Her parents, gave them rooms as far away as possible, from one another.

    Her first sign of accidental magic, was when she was five. She was outside with Brett, following him around when he was with his friends. Brett was trying to persuade her to go away, but Kaci wouldn't go away. As she grew angry, the wind picked up and blew harder and harder as she got angrier. Finally, Brett was knocked to the ground, and Bretts friends ran away from the scene. But Brett wasn't upset, he was happy and threw Kaci up in the air exclaiming that Kaci was going to Hogwarts.

    When Kaci was eight years old, her sister Cady was born. At first, Kaci was upset. She wasn't going to be the youngest in the household, the baby. The spoiled one.

    Her attidude stayed that way for almost three years, until Kaci came back from her first year realizing she missed her little sister. Also, Kaci's friends influence changed her a bit, too the point where she didn't need as much attention.

    Throughout her Hogwarts years, Kaci grew even more changed. She had an attitude, and was growing more independent. Her love for Running and Dancing was increasing, so she had a skinny body along with a well developed body by her fifth year.

    Favourite Spell: Relashio
    Signature Spell: Stunning Spell
    Patronus: Cheetah

    Wand: Ivory, Dragon Heartstring, thirteen inches, firm
    Other belongings: A set of binders, to represent each year of Hogwarts (A family tradition through the Wells). And another secret set, for stuff she wants to hide from her parents, consiting of items like the label off her first bottle of beer, or Vodka.

    A diamond necklace from her mother, because her birthstone is Diamond.

    A box of Train Tickets, Airplane Tickets, and other related stuff from trips.


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    Re: Kaci McQueen

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