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    The Truth Within Me

    Shamus LeFrem
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    Fifth Year

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    The Truth Within Me

    Post by Shamus LeFrem on Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:38 am

    Shamus sat in his room of the house.Shamus stared at the sky and he was in trouble his dad would kill me if he was just siting a doing nothing.Shamus looked downstairs of the house it was uncalled that this place was like this.

    Shamus had been in serious trouble since he turned 15.Shamus had wished his dad would just give up and go.Shamus was only 15 and all he wanted to do was train.

    Shamus had been hunting for a few weeks in Bulgeria.Shamus had been in pain for ages with his arm.Shamus looked at his bookshelf in his bedroom.This was his thinking area.Shamus had loved the town he lived in.Shamus was almost done with Durmstrang.

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