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    Amelia Colton

    Amelia Colton
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    Amelia Colton

    Post by Amelia Colton on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:14 pm

    Amelia Elizabeth Colton

    *What goes around, always comes around*

    Name: Amelia Elizabeth Colton
    Nickname: Lia
    Age: -
    Date of Birth: July 1
    Birthplace: Scotland
    Current Home: Scotland
    Blood Purity: Half-blood
    Gender: Female
    Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

    Face Claim: Norah Jones
    Body type: Slender
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Unique features: Amelia has her ears pierced (one piercing per ear lobe).
    Dressing style: Usually, she wears a pair of comfortable jeans and a t-shirt, and sometimes, she wears dresses when she feels like wearing one.

    Likes: Chocolates, movies, people with sense of humor, rain, surrounded by people she loves.
    Dislikes: Sloppiness, cockroaches, Transfiguration, arguments, judgemental people
    Fears: Death of her father, war, resentment directed towards her.
    Strengths: Ability to make friends quickly, forgives rather quickly, Charms
    Weaknesses:Stubborn, can be very nasty and hurl hurtful words (and hexes) when very angry, Transfiguration
    Personality: Amelia is a friendly girl who is known to be rather easy to talk to. But she can get nasty when very angry, because she doesn’t have any control over her mouth or actions when angered. She can also be pretty stubborn when she really wants something badly. She is extremely loyal to her friends, and can be quite the hopeless romantic at times.

    She is also fiercely protective of her father and her friends, and though she supports the Wizarding World, she only hoped that the peace would last long. Amelia feared fights more than anything, and if a war was to break out again, she’d be feeling extremely uneasy. That didn’t mean that she’d hide like a coward. She’d gladly fight back, but it was just that she preferred not to.

    Father: Matthew James Colton, 43, Auror, Living.
    Mother: Elizabeth Ann Colton, 34, English teacher at Muggle school, Deceased
    Other significant people: -
    Pets: Zina, 2 years old, Cat, Living.
    Overall history: Amelia was born in the early hours of morning on the first of July, to Matthew and Elizabeth Colton. She was their first child, and because of that, was much pampered since the day she was born. Her parents poured their attention on her, and she lived a very sheltered life.

    She had always wanted a baby sister, to share her dolls with, to play dress-up with, and to blame someone. When she was 6, she actually expressed this wish to her parents, begging them to give her a baby sister, much to their amusement. Unfortunately, Amelia never got a sister, or even knew if her parents were planning to have another child, because at the tender age 7, she lost her mother to a horrible car accident. That was probably the end of Amelia’s sheltered life, as all of her flawless dreams and picture perfect life came to an end. Her father was distraught at the death of his only love, and Amelia lost one of the most important figures in her life.

    Since then, her father had tried his best to make up for the lack of presence of her mother, spending all waking moment with Amelia when he’s not at work. However, being an Auror wasn’t that easy. As the years flew by, the attacks in the Wizarding community increased, and her father’s work hours increased. Amelia began to spend more time on her own, which did not bode well, because she began to yearn for more friends, for more company. As a result, she easily made friends. The problem was, she was said to be a little too easy.

    When she finally got the letter from Hogwarts, she had promptly jumped up and down the living room and screamed in excitement till her voice turned hoarse. She was excited at the prospect that finally, she was going to have a lot of people around her. She didn’t need to be alone. As she finally boarded the train, she thought she’d miss her father, and she did. But the prospect of meeting new friends had excited her too much.

    And for the past six years, she had indeed made new, good friends. Some had taken advantage of her friendship (they had also faced her wrath, eventually), and some were so close to her, Amelia couldn’t imagine her life without her friends. She did fairly alright in her studies, though never really made it to the top, like she wanted. She always did badly for her Transfiguration, and she could be blamed for not putting in enough effort.

    Favourite Spell: Reducto
    Signature Spell: Reducto
    Patronus: Cat

    Wand:Core of unicorn hair, 10 inches, oak wood.
    Other belongings: A family locket that has been past down to every female Colton. She doesn’t wear it, but always keeps it in her trunk.

    Friends: Her dorm mates.
    Acquaintances: Anyone who was willing enough to smile at her, or make a small talk.
    Enemies: None really, but those who hurt her father or friends can easily make it to the list.
    Asric Chaos
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    Re: Amelia Colton

    Post by Asric Chaos on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:53 pm

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