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    Joshua North

    Josh Mclaughlin-Middleton
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    Joshua North

    Post by Josh Mclaughlin-Middleton on Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:10 pm

    Joshua North

    Live For The Moment

    Name:Joshua North
    Nickname: Josh, Joshie
    Age: (Keep blank if you're a student)
    Date of Birth: February/29
    Birthplace: Reykjavík, Iceland
    Current Home:London England
    Blood Purity:Pure (Doesn’t know it though)
    Gender: Male
    Sexual alignment: Bisexual

    Face Claim: Liam Hemsworth
    Body type: Extremely skinny, but muscular
    Hair: Just above the ears and spiked up
    Eyes: Blue
    Unique features: back covered with various scars from beatings, Flames tattooed across his shoulder blades
    Dressing style: black hooded jackets, t-shirts, black jeans usually ripped at the knee and black runners

    Likes: Chocolate, vegetables (vegetarian), attention (though he won’t seek it out), charms, History of anything
    Dislikes: Being bullied, fighting, flying, meat, astronomy
    Fears: Chairs, new surroundings, the unknown
    Strengths: Charms, History, survival skills
    Weaknesses: being alone, not very trusting, flying
    Personality: Josh thinks the whole world is out to get him. So he spends most of his time by himself either in the common room of his dorm but mostly in the library or just outside wherever he can find a secluded spot. However he does like to be the center of attention when it is for something good.

    Josh usually hides his feelings behind walls. He only acts hyper to cover up what he really is feeling inside and a lot of times he can’t control it anyways. Josh seriously believes that no one cares about him.

    Father: Full name: Unknown
    Mother: Full name: Unknown
    Siblings: Unknown
    Pet: Species: Age/Status(living or deceased): Obligatory only if you want your character to have a pet.
    Overall history: Josh spenthis first two years of life in a orphanage because his parents were too young and scared to try and raise a child on their own. He was finally adopted out to a muggle family which already had two boys and one girl. He thought that this was where he belonged however everything changed when he received a letter stating that he was accepted into a school that he never heard of neither did his adoptive parents.

    Learning that he wasn’t like the rest of the family caused panic and confusion within the family and Josh found himself more and more on the outside looking in. When it finally came time for him to go he was left at the train station by himself to find his stop and told that he should never return to them and if he did he would be severely beaten. However at the end of his first year at Hogwarts he made the mistake of doing just that. Therefore he was tied to a chair for two weeks hence his fear of chairs was found.

    Josh now spends the time that he is not in school just trying to survive. He can find enough food to keep up his strength though he is surprisingly strong still. This is made more difficult because of his dietary choice of being a vegetarian.

    Favourite Spell: None at the moment
    Signature Spell: None at the moment
    Patronus: Bald Eagle

    Wand: Oak, phoenix feather. 9”

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    Re: Joshua North

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