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    Every Breath You Take

    Damian Gray

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    Every Breath You Take

    Post by Damian Gray on Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:39 am

    Late Afternoon
    Winter Hols

    Damian moved along silently, his daemon a lithe brown shade at his side. They stalked two boys around Damian's age, the one rather tall, whilst the other was a bit pudgy. Neither boy noticed they were being followed.

    It had become an obsession. A few short months before, Damian had been out in Muggle London when he had seen them - his old friends; the same friends who had turned on him when they found out that he possessed magic. They had seemed so... carefree, simply joking among themselves, with not a worry in the world. Without really thinking about it, he had followed them back to Surrey, using his training with Asric to follow them to their homes undetected.

    And he had done so, again. And again. And again.

    He was familiar with some of their habits, now, their routines. All but two of them still lived in the area of the original nine who had served as Damian's tormentors. One of them had already died at his hand.*

    Damian reached into his pocket, hand encircling the end of his wand. If only he could just hex them, for now, he would be satisfied. But no; he couldn't even do that. Not if he wished to keep his wand.

    The boy knew that he ought to be back at the school, being a good little student and apprentice. Professor Chaos had been kidnapped and Asric was worried sick about her. Damian couldn't just sit there, however. He couldn't just train on his own everyday knowing that the same boys who had made his life hell had no one to return the favor.

    Had they forgotten Damian's promise? Clearly, they had. They had forgotten that Damian was going to kill each and every one of them.

    They went into the tall boy's house, the pudgy boy ostensibly staying over. Damian glared malevolently at the house.

    "Enjoy your freedom," he gritted to himself. Lynne's chest rumbled with a growl as he spoke. "I'm coming for you."

    Glancing all about the street, Damian thrust his wand in the air to hail the Knight Bus.

    * In reference to the events of Shattering (click to read)


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