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    Freaking Out!

    Katrin Lune

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    Freaking Out!

    Post by Katrin Lune on Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:57 am

    Kat blinked her eyes a few times after she felt herself moving. She was walking in a trnace like state through a dark bog. How long had she been walking for? And why?

    The swamp-forest was void of life - the dead branches looked like clawed bony hands, the tress had terrifying disfigured faces, the air was so cold that there was fog and a thick layer of mist above the ground. Kat coughed and covered her mouth; there was demonic miasma in the air and it hurt her lungs.

    Hands lunged up from the water she was wading through and sunk their claws into her legs to try to pull her down. She let out a sharp shriek and struggled free, scrambling on a rock. Was she dreaming? No, the pain was too real, as was the blood and deep marks in her leg. A shadow moved swiftly through the trees and fog towards her. She pulled out her dagger and stood firm.
    "Who the hell are you?! What do you want? This sick joke of yours isnt f**kin funny."
    The figure grinned to show rows of sharp fanged teeth.
    "Ahh...so you are the girl he spoke of...the pathetic half demon with the big mouth... He wanted me to give you a message... 'Finsih what you started and give in'..."
    "Who is he..." Kat demanded.
    The figure cackled and unfurled his hand to reveal two smoky spiders. One shot off past Kats face and the other stayed, ready to jump.
    "DeNoir." The spider jumped and burrowed its way into Kat's chest.

    She screamed in horror and clawed at herself. The pain in her chest was crippling.
    "All you demons are bastards!" She yelled and through her dagger at great speed into the figure's throat.
    Even as he bled to death he was laughing at her. "Good luck...stopping it...without...Tullford...around..." And with that he disintergrated into dust and smoke, and DeNoirs face appeared before Kat, a sinister smirk on his face with eyes that burnt like fire and blood.

    "No...NO! NO! NOOOO!!!"Kat screamed and ran as fast as she could, and she wouldnt stop, even when she was out of that forest she kept going until she collapsed outside a place she recognised. She traced a mark on a stone covered in moss and a small crawlspace opened up in front of her. It lead to her old home: the cottage, that was now a half burnt structure; a reminder of what once was.

    She crawled behind a beam and rocked back and forth, hugging her knees to her chest and trembling, not able to get that face out of her head. A wave of bad memories started flooding back to her and she screamed up at the sky and pulled at her hair and threw things in a fit of rage and panic. Not again... it couldnt hapen again... The other spider... Was it's target Reena?!!?!!?!

    She prayed she wouldnt be too late, but by the time she had got to the cabin, there was a mark on the bck of Reena's neck as she slept where the spider had crawled in. Even Karina would have difficulty purifying the evil that was now inside of her, currupting her mind and heart. What would it do to her..? Kat's heart was pounding so much that it hurt.

    She shook her sister's shoulder. "Reena...?"
    She narrowly dodged a knife to the chest by jumping back. Her sister's hair had turned dark and her eyes were a different colour too with a look that showed no recognition of Kat or remorse. Kat knew she had to run and think of a way to fix this somehow, but what could she do? She was going to have a nervous breakdown!
    "Leo..." She cried to herself when she was back in her den in the woods. "Why did you have to die...? Theres no-one left to help me now.... What do i do? What do i dooooo!?!"

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