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    The Ellis Christmas

    Dewayne Ellis
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    The Ellis Christmas

    Post by Dewayne Ellis on Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:32 am

    Dewayne had been trying to endorce the freedom of being the only teen in the house. Dewayne was only 16 years old and he hadn't been liking his nephews visits he called it the worst moment of any teens life is the stupid little kids who alway ruin his clothes by splattering pant on it. Dewayne had on black jeans,red polo shirt,grey converse and he walked out of his room and grabbed his jacket and explored the wilderness of his home.

    Then Dewayne smelled pranking from one of his nephews.Dewayne walked down the corridors of the house till hhe came across Keegan and he walked up to him and asked " Keegan where is your brothers,and tell your parents to stop having you prank me." said Dewayne as he crossed his arms in digust. " Don't forget I'm 16 and your eleven and when your at school your father,left me encharge of your little pranks." smirked Dewayne.

    Dewayne then walked back to the door and went outside to shovel the driveway it was colder then it would be at Durmstrang. Then he felt a breeze slid through the driveway. Dewayne zippered up his snowboarding jacket and he put on his fur hat he gotten for his birthday. Dewayne looked at the streets of Varna and he didn't see a thing only kids playing hockey in the streets. Dewayne smiled and contuied shoveling the driveway.


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