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    Dance of Blood

    Karina Fenixfire

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    Dance of Blood

    Post by Karina Fenixfire on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:12 am

    She had been sleeping; she felt like she was still sleeping now, trapped in darkness. There was a voice, twisting her thoughts and making her hateful; everyone was her enemy. She walked wherever this voice lead her. Her hair and eyes were black, and she felt nothing.

    She had taken enemies down before, but only when provoked, and she always felt guilt later for taking a life. But not now... She was drenched in blood of wizards and muggles that she had randomly approached that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those she hadnt slaughtered right off, she had drained the life-force out of them like a leech. A succubus, as opposed to an apostle. She had never stolen the life of another before, but now it was like she craved it. She didnt want to die again. And why should she live her life for others? Why not herself, the voice kept telling her.

    Whenever she tried to stop herself or wake up, there was a searing burning pain at the backof her neck and head, and sometimes, even her chest would hurt. So she carried on, walking in darkness and blood.But it was never really her weilding those weapons or her wand, it was this voice inside her head turning her into someone else...

    There was one man left, trying to crawl away but his knees had been slashed. He was terrified. "Who-what are you?!"
    He was pinned against a wall. She knelt down and put her mouth to his ear. "Nira Noir...Harbinger of death..." With that, she placed her hand over his face and took all the life from him until he turned to dust. And in a gust of black smoke she was gone.


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