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    Like a Face in the Mirror

    Kendera James
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    Like a Face in the Mirror

    Post by Kendera James on Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:26 pm

    Late Afternoon
    Muggle Germany

    It was wrong - all wrong! She pouted at her reflection in an empty shop window. Kendera's eyes gazed back at her, though they were set Liddy's face and Noah's short, wavy hair adorned her head. She looked like a combination of the other three, but it was wrong. It wasn't... her.

    She stamped her foot impetuously, pout becoming more pronounced. "It's not the least bit right, at all!" she exclaimed aloud, and she stamped her foot once more for emphasis.

    The crunch of snow drew the girl's gaze from her own reflection to that of another, a blonde standing somewhere behind her.

    "Are you alright?" the blonde asked kindly, blue eyes casting about to identify just what it was that wasn't right. Her voice was sweet, her features delicate and innocent.

    She turned around to face the blonde, approaching slowly. Her eyes took in the girl's features almost greedily, a smile spreading across her face. Uncertain, the blonde smiled tentatively back. "Well, if you don't need anything, then..."

    "You have a nice face," she told the blonde abruptly.

    "Oh, well... thank y-"

    "I like it. May I have it?"

    The blonde frowned prettily, a flash of alarm showing in her eyes. "H-have my face? What can you possibly mean by that? How would you..."

    "Like this," she said simply. Her own features morphed until she had become a perfect replica of the blonde. "Quite simple, really."

    The blonde's breathing had grown frantic, eyes wide in horror, a scream obviously caught in her throat. She took a step backward, but was too stricken to possess the sense to run.

    It was most unfortunate.

    She closed the short distance separating them, taking the panicking girl firmly by the chin. The blonde began to tremble, eyes brimming with terrified tears.

    "Wh-what are you? P-please... don't..."

    "Shh..." she murmured soothingly. She raised her other hand, the end of her index finger changing into a sharpened claw. Pressing the tip of the claw beneath the blonde's right eye, she dragged it down over the girl's cheek, carving a bleeding gash into her flesh.

    The blonde started to cry.

    She smiled brightly, the expression reminiscent of a child. "There," she said. "Now, we shan't look alike." Releasing the girl, she moved around her and skipped away through the snow.

    Behind her, the muggle girl went into full blown hysterics.

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