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    Broken like fine glass ll Completed


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    Broken like fine glass ll Completed

    Post by Manda on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:32 am

    Dornbirn, Austria
    December, 2056

    Bundled up in cheap furs and layers, a petite small figure stood still as snow fell softly. The unique and old fashioned buildings surrounded her, as the old bridge squeaked under her feet. This bridge was scheduled to be taken part later on the week, so both sides of the bridge had yellow caution tape. It was night though, so Kait walked past the unimportant security measures.

    The half moon glowed above her, as her hands clenched to the sides. Kaitlen didn't have gloves on, so her fingers were numb painfully. Not that Kait noticed though. She never noticed anything anymore, except for insanity and what was on her mind.

    A car alarm rang loudly in the distance, causing some people to yell at the owner of the car. The Brunette just stared at the water though, watching the frozen river for a moment. There was nothing interesting about it, she had seen tons of other frozen rivers in her life.

    Brown eyes glanced at her watch, and noted it was only three minutes until midnight. The last three minutes coming up, will be her last as a sixteen year old. Kait didn't feel like a sixteen year old though. She felt like a weary immortal- strong on the outside, a crumbling mess in the inside. Ready to take the step to fade, but the ties to live were too strong.

    A minute ticked by, as the girl stood quietly. Kait didn't remember the last time she had a real conversation, a conversation she didn't fake anything. If you were picky, it had to be since she was extremely younged. She faked a lot in her life. But if you didn't count the unimportant stuff, she would say it was a few years ago. Kait didn't talk without telling a lie. Either to protect, or to hide.

    Numb fingers pulled out a wand. It was a average wand, with hidden beauty. It was a white ivory one, with no special designs except at the bottom of the wand. The bottom had ivy engraved on it, black as night. It wasn't her first wand though- her first wand was who knows where. She missed it though. Loosing your first wand was like letting go of your first pet ever.

    Kait glanced at her watch again. It was five minutes after twelve. She was so caught up in her thoughts, that she forgot to check the time. So she broke the tradition, but traditions didn't mean much anymore. Every birthday she can remember, she had woke up to make sure she sang herself happy birthday the minute the minute hand hit twelve.

    Seventeen meant new traditions, a new beginning.

    Chin up high, Kait pulled off her necklace. It was a marble with a eye painted on it, given by the woman who tried to kill her. The woman who gave birth to her. Kait couldn't believe that this long, sixteen years, she stuck to the beleif that the woman could be changed. She was a foolish girl.

    But no more.

    Putting the necklace on the bridge, Kait walked off the rotten bridge with her eyes twinkling with... satisfaction? Not taking notice of her own emotions however, Kait turned around and made sure there was no Muggles. Couldn't have the Muggles go after her because she had the 'devil's powers'.

    Waving her wand, the necklace exploded and the bridge fell apart without no hesitation. The broken timbers pierced the thin ice, along with the rusted metal bars. Kait spotted nothing of the necklace, not even a piece of the leather that hung it from her neck. Good.

    Walking away, the girl put up her hood while muttering under her breath, "Happy birthday to the New Kaitlen, Good bye to the Old Kaitlen."

    This new age of her life will come with many changes- hopefully for the better.


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