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    christmas eve just got interesting || Corbett Mansion

    Aveneil Corbett
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    christmas eve just got interesting || Corbett Mansion

    Post by Aveneil Corbett on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:42 pm

    Neil merely sighed to himself as he looked around the nearly crowded ballroom at his parents' house, whom he had lost sight off as soon as the first guest family had arrived. The simple reason he loathed these Christmas parties: the whole function was merely an excuse for pretentious purebloods to show up and exhibit their filthy 'status' and make others believe they are a lot better.

    At this point, he was just roaming around the huge mansion, giving a polite smile when he had to, which instantly faded as soon as the person's passed by him. No, he wasn't angry, he was annoyed that his parents had forced him to attend one of these. And what irritated him more was the fact that his brother seemed to be having a pretty good time.

    The Priduex folded the sleeves of his blue suit jacket, adjusted his tie and removed the first two buttons of his black silk shirt, deciding that he couldn't spend an entire evening nearly suffocating.

    As he entered the living room, he kept glancing at the front door, slightly in the hope that maybe some of his school mates' family might show up. At least then, he would have some company and could have an actual smile on his face.

    Muttering and shaking his head to himself, he sat on one of the couches and began conversing with one of his cousins, who was probably just talking to him to make some ignorant boy jealous.

    Not really paying attention, he barely looked up as another family arrived...that is until, his name was called out.


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    Alec Blanchard
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    Re: christmas eve just got interesting || Corbett Mansion

    Post by Alec Blanchard on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:39 pm

    Alec walked up the steps of the Corbett Mansion and rolled his eyes at all the talking behind him. His father with his "friend" - lovely. He was beginning to hate the woman, she was everything his mother wasn't. She was annoying, one of those purebloods who were prejudiced against Muggles, she treated him like a baby and not to mention, she looked like a whore who was only interested in his father's money. And his father. . . well, he was probably with her because he had no one else. Lonely, how pathetic, he thought.

    Of course, they never admitted they were together. She was just a coworker, a close friend, and he had offered to give her a ride to the party. What ride?! They had fucking apparated there! He tried to ignore his father telling him to behave as someone opened the door for them and they stepped inside. Why couldn't he have spent the Christmas with his mother, like Amélie?


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