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    but i still wanna keep us alive {bad munstereifel}

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    but i still wanna keep us alive {bad munstereifel}

    Post by Rora on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:55 pm

    december thirty-first

    The fireworks lit up the usually sleepy village, and unlike the various groups of teens celebrating however they ceremonialize such a vital event, Lena chose to be sober for the night, only smiling when she needed to be. Snow was three feet deep, yet her feet managed to float on top of the frozen water, just this once. She felt ghostly. Dead. Sallow, Dead.

    Now, not even her family can comfort her. Her real family hated celebrations, the Frommelt parents were with their friends, and she conjectured that Fabian and Leonora were making out in one of his Ferraris. Yes, the boy had gotten himself another Ferrari for his birthday.

    How many times did she have to tell that bastard that it was in her bedroom he was doing naughty things with his girlfriend? Not in a closet... or a kitchen. a car. Which also happened to be Lena's bed for the winter.

    Lena felt tremors all over her fingers, her arms, the hairs sticking up on her arm. Even with this coat which - was as thick as Kara Finster - everything felt as if they were below absolute zero. It was as if the recent events had taken all sense of warmth out of her, and what was left of her was this hollow shell. Perhaps, if one looked closely enough, there was even less of her that was the one doing all of the functioning for her.

    The blonde entered the celebration tent, staring at all of the dancing couples. She folded her arms around her waist, eyes barely wincing at the fact that no matter how hard she summoned and prayed, she would never have a dance partner in her life ever again.

    Worst of all, When The Music Dies was echoing off the pillars that held the tent up.

    Lena Vorstenbach was utterly screwed.



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    Jurgen Aigner

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    Re: but i still wanna keep us alive {bad munstereifel}

    Post by Jurgen Aigner on Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:57 am

    Jurgen paced around the tent. He hadn't been very happy for the past few days. Ever since Fabian and Leonora got together, everything in his life felt as if it were a lie. He thought that he was never enemies with Leonora, he had never dated her, he had never did things with her. Moving on was a hard thing. Sometimes he wished that Fabian and Leonora had been together the entire time so he didn't have to worry about her.

    Jurgen hated festive events, even when he was a boy. He had told his mother they were a waste of time and she told him to hold his head up and smile. That was why he hated them. Everyone had to lie about themselves and how happy they were but in the end someone always got hurt.

    In this party, he was that person. He knew it because everyone was drinking or dancing or trying to find a good place to make out. He didn't have Leonora to hold anymore. He didn't have anyone as an excuse to back out of this party either, so he was stuck for the rest of the night.

    He looked up and only then did he see Lena standing in the sidelines too. He walked to join her and he leaned next to her on the wall. "I thought I was the only singleton around here," he laughed.

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