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    Rainy Day

    Faye Beneparte
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    Fourth Year

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    Rainy Day

    Post by Faye Beneparte on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:34 am

    Faye eyed the small plate of cookies she had greedily purchased with hunger.

    There was nothing that gave the young girl more pleasure, more satisification as of late, than eating. There seemed to be something almost... rebelious, defiant in the action. After spending so many days, weeks, months with barely an appetite at all, forcing down food only to fed off worried glances, she finally found pleasure in eating again. A desire to do so.

    It was almost as if everytime she ate, she was able to tell her illness, and all that it had made her to shove off.

    She was free.

    She was healthy.

    And she was damn well going to enjoy it.


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