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    Table for two?

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    Fourth Year

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    Table for two?

    Post by JJeh on Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:03 pm

    This place was...

    Too much, to be perfectly honest. Juliet wasn't entirely sure what had possesed her to walk in there - alone no less. Though she found, as she walked through the tables of sickening attached couples, she wasn't bothered by her solidarity at all.

    In fact, an amused smirk had spread across her face by the time she had ordered herself a drink, and place herself at one of the tables.

    It wasn't that the young girl had anything against love or romance - by all means, she had a soft spot for both things- but this whole scene wasn't romance.

    It was, something else entirely.

    And, Juliet, sitting alone at her little table in the corner, full view to it all, was enjoying critiquing ever little bit of it. Even if it was only to herself.


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