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    So Perfectly Blind ll Completed


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    So Perfectly Blind ll Completed

    Post by Manda on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:03 pm

    Dornbirn, Austria

    A broken ray of sunlight filled the room, reflecting off items in a odd pattern. The only source of sunlight came from small window that was stained in some parts, while clear in the others. The rest of the room was like that mostly. The cheap fridge and moth-eaten mattress and blanket was really the only items worth something in the room. Besides Kait's wand and her shrunken trunk in her pocket.

    Sitting in the windowsill, Kait observed the busy passerby's. They had a life- had something to do in their life. What was her purpose? To just appear to cause mayhem and chaos? To ask for sympathy? Better yet- just be an example to show what not to do? It seemed that way, especially now. It wasn't like she cared anyways- at least, that is what she told herself. It was better that way... she didn't succumb to Insanity's reaching hands. Yes, it was better.

    Kait's little problem was becoming much more serious as the day passes. It seemed like all she did was live in the back of her hand, as she watched herself do stuff she didn't want to do. Kait didn't want to go outside, to go on mini-trips. She just wanted to stay in this one bedroom apartment and disappear. The Brunette wondered why she was getting worse though. Was it because Kait wasn't talking to anybody much anymore, leaving herself to her own thoughts? Was it because the drama between the Seven Devils? That was enough to make anybody insane.

    Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, Kait breathed in deeply. In and out. In and out. Maybe it was because of those two things. Few things distracted her now since she entered this insane and depressed part of her life. Maybe, just maybe, she could run away. Change her identity. Change was needed, it was always. Change was good.

    A tap on the pitiful window was heard, causing her to quickly sit up straight and eagerly open the window. Maybe it was Frodo, Lora, or Anya. With a pang of disappointment, Kait saw it wasn't one of their owls or the schools. The owl was far too big for that, and it had a odd aura to it. It rang of dignity and darkness. An odd combination, but she ignored it as she checked the letter for any charms and curses. Kait noticed there was a tracking spell on it, and quickly disabled it. This person was serious about the matter he/she wanted.

    Opening the letter, Kait's eyebrows was raised with surprise. She wondered if Iris or Game got the same letter.. probably not Game though. Game was literally off the map in the Magical world, found in few records. Iris and her though, they have been to St. Mungos, signed up for the Student Transferee, and been kidnapped. There names could be found on a lot of records.

    The letter read:

    It has come to my attention that you are an Holender, your fathers true last name. Perhaps you have heard of the Holender family, perhaps not. The Holenders are a pureblood family, with ancient bloodlines stretching all the way to the Founders time. Like many other pureblood families we are proud of this.

    Now, I do now that your mother is a muggle. Nevertheless, I will look past this and offer you the famous Holender family training. This will have your complete your magical education by the end of the new year, and start living your life fashionably and no more secrets. My granddaughter, I am positive that you know yourself, that there is many secrets of your fathers family. Including the history behind your insanity, that most of the Holenders are affected by. Out of your siblings, you are the only one to receive this. It is the reason you are a Parselmouth- The Parselmouths of the Holender family receive the insanity affect.

    Now, there is plenty more of Family Facts. However, I will only let you know of them if you meet me in France, in The Gilded Glass one you get this.There we will talk about your training, and your future.

    Arkadi Holender
    The Head of the Holender Family

    Kait knew the letter was telling the truth. Nobody else knew of the girls insanity problem- and hid most of the evidence. This was her chance to find another family member, and be on speaking terms. It isn't just the three Graysons anymore. There was a Holender- and possibly another one. Family.

    Standing up, Kaitlen tucked her letter in the fur jacket and headed out of the apartment, not caring to pay the rent. Kait didn't see a reason too, and the owner already had some money anyways.


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