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    Leaving Town

    Veronika Erinaya
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    Leaving Town

    Post by Veronika Erinaya on Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:58 pm

    "You know where the money stash is, right?" Veronika asked her younger sister worriedly.

    Irena rolled her eyes in exasperation. "It hasn't moved Nik. Yes, I know."

    Veronika was still worried about leaving her nine year old sister alone with their ailing mother. "And if Mom has a siezure again?"

    "Purple potion," answered the young girl promptly. "Green for fever and red for throwing up. We'll be fine."

    "But what about-"

    "NIKA! We'll be fine." Irena gave her older sister a crooked smile. "I learned from you, didn't I?"

    Veronika smiled. "That's true. All right. I'll send back money as often as I can. Don't steal more often than necessary. It gets you noticed. And go to Vasya if you have trouble, he'll look after you."

    Veronika took a deep breath and walk into her mother's bedroom. The woman was asleep, with a peaceful look on her face. "Mama," Veronika said, shaking her shoulder gently. "Wake up Mama, I'm leaving." Mrs Erinaya opened her eyes slowly, and although she smiled, Veronika could see the pain. She leaned down and kissed her mother's forehead. Her mother reached up a shaking hand and touched her face.

    "Goodbye, my Snowflake. We'll see you at Christmas."

    "Bye Mama," Veronika choked out. She turned her back on the bed, scooping up her pack and heading out the door of their tiny apartment. With one last glance at her home, Veronika Erinaya headed out into the world.

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